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Beauty that uplifts – Dr. Pearl shares the heart behind the newly-opened clinic

Dr. Shahana Pearl Uy

It is said that beauty is only skin deep. But for Dr. Shahana Pearl Villaester Uy, a person’s external appearance is not just about physical attractiveness; it can spell the success or failure of business dealings, academic endeavors, and personal milestones.

The dynamic physician, who heads Pearl Medical Aesthetics + Laser Center, views her profession as a support system for people with skin problems who are looking for a clinic which can address their issues.

“I grew up with a mother who is particular about taking care of her skin. In a way, I was influenced by her. I had my first facial at 14 when I had minor acne issue,” recalled Dr. Pearl.

Dr. Pearl graduated with a degree in Nursing in 2009 from the Cebu Doctors’ University (CDU). She took the board exam and passed when she was enrolled as a first-year medical student at CDU.

She finished her Doctor of Medicine degree in 2013 and finished her post-graduate internship at Chong Hua Hospital in 2014. On February 2015, she passed the Physician Licensure Examination administered by the Philippine Regulatory Commission.

It was then that she decided to pursue her specialization in aesthetic medicine.

“I personally experienced how skin problems like acne can affect the self-esteem of a person… it affects the way we face others, it affects our confidence,” said the 29-year-old aesthetic physician.

With the grand opening of her 205-square meter clinic last September 7, Dr. Pearl hopes to serve the needs of the Cebuanos who are looking for a private clinic who can give them high-quality service and pampering that they deserve.

“I am young and I know there are other aesthetic physicians who are way ahead of me. But I know I can bring in something different in terms of service. We put a premium on the relaxation and pampering of our clients and not just the routine clinical services,” she explained.

The 12-room center offers services such as facials, diamond peels, skin tightening and body contouring as well as services that removes fine lines and wrinkles, pigments and melasma, face acne scars and abdomen stretch marks.

“Our goal is to be the go-to center for all your skin needs. We want to help in uplifting every person’s self-esteem and feel more beautiful after each treatment,” said Uy, a registered nurse and physician.

To make sure she is equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge needed in the business, Dr. Pearl trained in the US, Thailand, and Singapore and received diploma and certificates in aesthetic medicine after undergoing training at the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine in these countries.

She also trained at the Aesthetic Medicine Institute in Manila.

The clinic employs nine people who are well-trained professionals in the performing their respective tasks and responsibilities.

The clinic utilizes an all-organic skin care products from Budapest, Hungary produced from hand-picked fruits, herbs, and vegetables mixed with pure spring water.

Dr. Shahana Pearl V. Uy, COO/Aesthetic Physician (6th from left) together with her staff (from left) Risha May Regalado – Nurse Therapist, Leah Belecario- Product Custodian, Lovely Encarnacion – Accounting Personnel, Noame Marie Casia- Head Receptionist, Caryl Rances – Operations Manager, Jamaica Dawn Macalos- Nurse Therapist, Joedyna Maye Ambion- Asst. Head Nurse, and Ana Judy May Taganile- Head Nurse [CDN Photo | Lito Tecson]

“The key is to do our best in the services that we offer. The devices and machines we have here are quite costly but we made sure that these were purchased not because of the price. These machines are approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. We can guarantee our clients that we are not shortchanging them. They will get their money’s worth with our services,” said Uy.

Pearl Medical Aesthetics + Laser Center is located on the 7th floor of MSY Tower located within Cebu Business Park. For inquiries, contact 262-0390 / 0933-8794195 or you can visit their Facebook account at Pearl Medical Aesthetics + Laser or on Instagram

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