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How to survive Valentine’s Day, if you’re single

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For those who just got out of a relationship, February 14 feels like a new tradition you don’t know how to celebrate. As for the #blessed to be single since forever, it’s that barf-day when you’re surrounded by people showing their affection publicly. But for whatever reason you don’t have a date this Valentine’s Day, here are ways you can make it special!

Dinner for two, all for you!

Who said you need a date to get that meal for two? Sure, there’d be people looking at you for having doubles of your favorites, but who cares, right? It’s the season of love and you have the right to celebrate yours. With food, that is.

Netflix and Chill

If you’re a movie buff but is sick of going to movie houses full of couples getting too intimate, here’s the most romantic date with yourself! Just order some pizza or buy chips and drinks, pick a good title online, sit as comfortably as you want, et voilà—movie date, no boyfriend or girlfriend required.


Most restaurants would likely be full on the 14th. If you’re lucky enough to score a vacant table, most probably you’d be surrounded by sweet couples. You’re not bitter, but you also don’t want the world to rub your singleness in your face. So why not drive away from the city and enjoy the night sky? All you need is a blanket. And maybe your headphones, just in case there’s a couple keeping things cheesy.

Road Trip

If you don’t want to be alone, why not call the squad and get on a road trip? Whether it’s to the hills of Busay or just a nearby beach, you’re sure to enjoy the ride with the right people and the right music.

Pamper Day

You get by every day being your strong, independent self and that’s an achievement in itself. So why not treat yourself to a great me-time? Get rid of the stress with a good massage or enjoy mani-pedi at your favorite spa. And for guys, pay a visit to your barber and try out a different hairstyle.

Third wheel

For years, you’ve been the plus one on your parents’ regular dates. When you became an adult, you always find yourself being the constant third wheel of your couple friends. You’ve been labeled as the unofficial official third wheel, why not live up to the moniker and do third-wheeling on Valentine’s Day? The real challenge though is finding a willing couple.

Dance your heart out

Maybe you’re used to sweet dances every 14th of February. But if you just became single, that means freedom over how you dress, what food you eat, and where you’d want to go! So celebrate your liberty by dancing your heart out on the dancefloor, may it be in the hippest club or right in your own room!

So don’t stress yourself by looking for a last-minute date in that dating app you have. Valentine’s is not just for couples—there are many ways to celebrate love. Put that phone down and enjoy waving the singles’ flag. Who knows? Along the way, you’ll find the one!

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