#CDNTravel: Affordable camping in Cebu

CEBU CITY, Philippines—Leave thoughts about work and travel to places in Cebu where you can be one with nature. Camp out and enjoy the great outdoors at an affordable cost! Make sure to be with great company for a fantastic experience!

Some of the camping sites are very accessible, perfect for a family camping trip; others require a bit of trekking that will surely excite adventure junkies.

CDN Digital is sharing to you a list of affordable destinations where you can hang your hammock or pitch your tent for this outdoor experience.

Osmeña Peak

PHOTO from Osmeña Peak Facebook page

This peak is good for newbie hikers and for family who wants to go camping because going up there is not difficult at all. Once you reach the top  you will be amazed with a view of Chocolate Hills-like karst formation.

This famous peak covers the towns of Badian and Dalaguete and can be reached from Cebu City following these directions:

  • Head to the Cebu City South Bus Terminal and take the bus heading to Dalaguete
  • From the town proper, you can ride a motorcycle for P100 per person that will bring you at the jump-off point.

Mount Naupa

Breathtaking view from Naga City’s Mount Naupa. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO / Marian Maramara

The highest peak in Naga City, Mount Naupa is the perfect campsite for adrenaline junkies. Every sweat is worth it as you soak in the picturesque view at the top. This camp site has been a witness to many marriage proposals so if you are thinking of asking your special someone to join you on a lifelong journey, well, you know what to do.

Reach Mount Naupa this way:

  • At the Cebu City South Bus Terminal, ride any bus heading to southern Cebu.
  • If you want to get their quick you, can take the mini bus with a fare of P25. Alight in Barangay Tungkop then take a motorcycle for P50 per person at the jump-off point.

Sirao Peak

An exhilarating day hike awaits in Sirao Peak or Mount Kan-irag. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO / Louie Abalo

Sirao Peak or Mount Kan-irag might be challenging for newbie hikers but it does not mean that it cannot be surmounted. This trail is a mix of uphill trekking and river crossing. For three to five hours, you will pass by amazing views. At the campsite, enjoy swapping stories and jamming sessions with your buddies.

Chalet Hills

Get a view of Cebu City at Chalet Hills in Barangay Busay. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO / Edward Balmes

This is the most accessible camp site! You can actually hike from Lahug’s JY Square to reach this site.

However, if you want shorter walking time, you can take a motorcycle-for-hire and pay the driver P50 to take you at the foot of the hill. If there are many of you, opt to pay for an entire jeepney. You would take the road that passes by the entrance of Mountain View and Temple of Leah. Pitch your tent overnight and enjoy an evening with friends or family members.

Bacalla Woods

Swing your stress away at the Bacalla Woods Campsite. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO / Immae Lachica

This is the campsite that awakens the outdoor spirit of many Cebuanos. You do not need to be a seasoned hiker or mountain climber to enjoy the outdoors. Bacalla Woods Campsite made this possible. This is truly a creative place for everyone and anyone. Experience activities such as skateboarding and river trekking. Also, try their Bali-like infinity swing. This gem is located in San Fernando, Cebu.

Reach Bacalla Woods by:

  • Taking a bus heading south and get off at San Isidro, San Fernando.
  • Motorcycles line up at the drop-off point.
  • Pay P100 per person and it will take you to the campsite.

If you do not want to bring your tents, there is an option to rent a tent, hammock or room.

When camping, always remember to practice outdoor ethics. Never leave your garbage. Keep the site clean. Leave no trace. You can always have a fun camping experience with minimal impact on the environment. / celr

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