Why love a dog?

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Dogs are considered to be man’s best friends, but why is that so?

It’s simple actually.

Dogs bring out the best in every human.

Pet owners are very vocal about the joy that their furry friends give to them. These adorable creatures wag their tails when they welcome their humans at homes. They are literally the reason why the phrase “puppy eyes” was born.

However, many still tend to think that having a dog is just additional responsibility.

CDN Digital compiled reasons why people do not just own dogs.

Instead, they have one because they truly love them.

Constant partner

Dogs follow you around wherever, whenever. They will let you feel how much they want you to be around. To have a dog is to have a constant partner, who will just listen to you as air out your heartaches or share your happy thoughts.

Active buddies 

Dogs require daily walks to the park or just around the neighborhood. This activity will not just benefit your dog; it will also you healthy as you are literally forced to get up and get moving. So really take time to spend time with your dog outside of your house. Let your dog run freely as you bask in the joy of seeing your furry friend enjoy the outdoor.

New pals

Just like humans, dogs also have their own groups or circles. By letting your dog join a group or club, you will also be able to meet other people or pet parents like you. This way you will be able to learn a thing or two from them and they too can learn from you. Those who are naturally introverts often find new friends because of their dogs.

Personal bodyguards

They don’t just bark at cats or thunderstorms; they are always ever ready to protect you when they sense that their humans are in danger. Dogs can literally smell danger from a mile away. We all have read and heard of stories of dogs who are willing to face danger for their humans. Dogs are both brave and loyal.

Furry healers

With the simple cuddle with your dog, all your worries will go! It even happens even without you knowing. Those puppy dog eyes will melt your heart, enough to want to give them more hugs.

Are you convinced yet to have a dog?

A gentle reminder: ADOPT, don’t shop. Better that you give a home to dogs which are yet to find a parent and shower them with much tender loving care. /celr

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