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Taxi company’s secret to success: Skilled mechanics, expert technicians, right oil for the fleet


Cebu City, Philippines— Taxi cabs are still one of the most go-to rides for commuters.

In Cebu, Ken and Yoo taxi units are among the most noted ones because of its cleanliness and durability.

So what’s the reason behind Ken and Yoo’s success?

Unlike other taxi units, the management of the Ken and Yoo taxi cabs make sure that their units are always in top-top shape.

Paul Linawan, chief mechanic of Ken and Yoo taxis, whose garage is in barangay Linao, Talisay City, said what sets them apart from other operators is that they have a skilled set of mechanics and technicians to maintain their units.

“The first thing we do to give quality taxi rides to our commuters is, number one, maintenance. We have mechanics for the engine, mechanics for under chassis and technicians for electric component of the car and technicians for air conditioning,” Linawan, who has worked for the company for 20 years, said.

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He added that using the right oil for their taxi units’ engines also helps keep their fleet in good running condition.

The taxi units of both Ken and Yoo, which have the same owners, have been maintained by Mobil 1 fully synthetic oils since February 2019.

Since then, it has been giving the company good results.

“The use of Mobil 1 is an advantage for us because before, we were having problems with the oils that we were using. Now, the performance of the engines of our units have become better, especially when it comes to handling tough climbs,” Linawan added.

Mary Ann Petlaver, Ken and Yoo taxi’s purchaser, told CDN Digital that their drivers have noticed a huge improvement with the performance of their units, especially during uphill climbs. This helps as the drivers now don’t turn down passengers who would want to go to the mountain areas of Cebu such as the Transcentral Highway.

A taxi unit of Ken Taxi makes it all the way to the top with ease, thanks to Mobil 1 fully-synthetic oils. CDN Digital photo | Gerard Vincent Francisco

“Another advantage is that the oil change interval of our taxi units is longer now with Mobil 1,” Petalver added.

Nathaniel Monzolin, Mobil 1’s sales supervisor for medium fleet lubricants, explained why Mobil 1 is best for taxi fleet.

“This advanced fully synthetic motor oil is engineered for the latest gasoline engine unit and best for taxi fleet since it provides exceptional cleaning power and excellent engine-wear protection for overall performance,” said Monzolin. /bmjo

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