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Couples share special milestones at Marco Polo’s ‘One Sweet Day’

“One Sweet Day” of Marco Polo Plaza Cebu is not your ordinary one stop-event for all your celebration and party needs. For years, Marco Polo has been a favorite venue to celebrate important milestones and through One Sweet Day, they want to make your planning hassle-free and make you enjoy the process.

But “One Sweet Day” does not only share moments of preparation, planning and arranging with your special events, “One Sweet Day” has witnessed a lot of milestones and memories shared in Marco Polo.

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Stories of happiness and friendship that eventually turned into something more powerful — love.

Rey Ryan Gines and Apple Grace Abapo-Gines are both great examples of how friendship is the ultimate foundation to a fruitful relationship. They first met in college at the same school and department — University of San Carlos Engineering Department, but it was only after four years after they graduated that their friendship grew into something more.

Now both 31 years old and both Software Engineers in Cebu, they finally tied the knot last June 01, 2018.

For Rey and Apple listening to their relatives and friends to visit Marco Polo’s “One Sweet Day,” was the right decision.

With the event’s wide range of offers and exclusive discounts from room rates, food to waived charges and client-exclusive giveaways, the couple shared that Marco Polo helped their dream wedding remarkable and memorable.

The best part for them was the excellent customer service of the hotel crew and coordinators from start to finish of their milestone.

Karel Ribu, 34, and Elaine Joyce Salud-Ribu, 31, also spent their special day recently with Marco Polo through “One Sweet Day” last September 13.

The IT Engineer from Singapore and Assistant Manager in Cebu met through a dating app in 2017.

Unlike most relationships, their love story is what others would consider unexpected. After three months of talking online and finally meeting for the first time last November 2017, they decided to make the relationship official.

Where was this special day you ask? Still in Marco Polo when Karel decided to visit Elaine in Cebu. So it’s definitely a no brainer when they both decided where to hold their wedding reception.

Aside from spending their wedding celebration at Marco Polo, Karel and Elaine also had their gender reveal party on the same day. Months before their wedding, they discovered that they were expecting a child and this made them both more excited.

The couple shared that because of “One Sweet Day,” their planning was easier for them and more enjoyable. Aside from the flexible packages, the event helped them in terms of financial planning.

Their planning went smooth for the both of them even when they were still in a long distance relationship before the wedding.

For the couples, “One Sweet Day” has taught them that a lot of patience can make their milestone a dream come true.

“One Sweet Day” is Marco Polo Plaza Cebu’s two-day event from October 18 to 19 which gathers top event coordinators and suppliers for all occasions.

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