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Go-to spots in Talisay City

You’ll get to know the place more by exploring its sites and conversing with the locals. Cebu has a lot to offer. When you want to get close to nature, there are a lot of beaches to unwind, mountains to trek and waterfalls to jump from. Cebu also has a wide array of mouth-watering dishes to offer—linarang, ginabut, otap and mangoes to name a few. 

Indeed, Cebu has endless things to offer. Each municipality is unique in its own way and Talisay City is not an exception. For starters, this municipality got its name from the tree locally known as “Magtalisay” because it was abundant in the area. Aside from this, the city has a lot of things to present including food stops, cultural sites and nature trips.

Waterfront Cebuano Buffet

Talisay for the foodies—lechon or inasal

Talisay is known for its year-round delicacy known as the lechon or inasal. This local delicacy is also popular in other Cebu areas but the city claims that they have the best lechon. The roasted pig is known for its crispy skin and juicy meat. Most townspeople eat this during occasions and share it with the rest of the guests.

Talisaynons celebrate the Inasal-Halad Festival every 15th of October as a form of gratitude to their patroness Sta. Teresa de Avila. Lechon is sold in public markets the whole year with prices ranging from Php 4,500 to 6,000 for the whole roasted pig or from Php 450 to 600 per kilo.

Photo from the Talisay Tourism Arts and Heritage Council

Revisiting the past—Archdiocesan Shrine of Sta. Teresa de Avila and Larawan Beach

The Sta. Teresa de Avila Parish is one of the oldest churches in Cebu. The construction of the church started in 1836 and was finished 12 years later. It is also one of the few churches with the classical Graeco-Roman style, featuring the two bell towers that are connected by a porch with two supporting columns. The structure is a manifestation of a church that has withstand through time from the post-war period to natural calamities. It has undergone numerous restoration efforts while maintaining its classic look.

Another Talisay spot where you can relive the past is the Larawan beach where General McArthur together with US soldiers landed during the World War II. To mark this historical event, a monument is built just beneath the shoreline. The public beach is not only known to the locals for its historical background, but also for its family-friendly meals where one can devour lechon and other local seafood selections. No wonder the beach is full-packed during weekends.

Children and their parents visit Crocolandia on weekends to bond with nature and the facility’s caged animals.

Talisay for family adventure—Igotan Cave and Crocolandia

If you are searching for some adventure, Talisay has something to offer. The Igotan Cave is located in the mountainous area which makes it a perfect Japanese hideout during the World War II. The cave is now popular for the small falls and a pool inside, which is claimed to be therapeutic. Although, locals warn that the place is dangerous during the rainy season and people who are claustrophobic should proceed with caution.

Meanwhile, there is a popular wildlife conservation center in Talisay that the whole family will surely love. The Crocolandia Park houses endangered animals—from saltwater crocodiles, civets, ostrich and lizards to name a few. It has been established since 2001 and was well-maintained ever since. After a wildlife experience, the family can enjoy some snacks at the Crocolandia Grill, where souvenir items are available too.

No doubt, Talisay has a lot of things to offer. Another plus is the ease of transportation, since the construction of South Road Properties. This strategic location makes everything within reach.

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