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Do you have to be friends with your ex?

CEBU CITY, Philippines— “We are better off as friends,” is a simple break up line which actually hurts like hell.

But can ex-lovers still be friends?

To some, it can be possible but for most, this is something not anymore worth doing.

So, if you are still torn between staying friends with your ex or just end that chapter in your life and move on, read this.

Here are some reasons why you should not be friends with your ex anymore:

Sending mixed signals this can lead you in the wrong direction, and will only make moving on harder for you. So, stay away from being friends with your ex and just opt to be strangers again.

False hopes instead of accepting the fact that what you guys have are over, you still keep fanning that faint flame of the two of you getting back together because of the communication you guys still have. Make a stand, and just move on without him or her.

Moments of wanting to get back togethersince you guys are still “friends”, it’s psssible that you still pine for those sweet moments you shared in the past. And your friends can complicate matters the more as they will simply try to push you back together. A forced relationship? That’s just sad.

Boundariesonce you cut off your relationship with that person, you must make new set of boundaries to follow. And being friends should never be one of them.

Generally awkwardnot only for you but for your friends as well who would not possibly know how to react to this strange arrangement. So save them from this awkward situation. Move on, and move fast.

Yes, letting go is never easy. But it has to be done especially when the love is gone and the thrill isn’t there anymore.

Once you let go, let go completely. And only look back for the lessons to be learned. /rcg

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