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An easy five-step guide to keep your shoes looking their best

Many people say that good shoes take you to good places and if you want to keep them fresh and good-looking, you definitely should know how to take care of them.

When you exactly know how to clean, organize or store your shoes, you’ll make your shoes happy for a long time and will save you a lot of money too.

With these simple steps know how you can help prolong your shoes’ lifespan.

In this article, CDN Digital prepared an easy guide on how to clean, organize or store your shoes to keep them safe and fresh.


Make sure to clean shoes thoroughly before storing them.

Clean them carefully and use simple products.

Clean laces and insoles separately.

Remove dirt by gently scrubbing the soles using a toothbrush.

Use a washcloth soaked in warm water and a mild detergent to wipe away stains.

Use the same washcloth after rinsing it with warm water to wipe excess soap on the shoes.

After the last step, let your shoes air dry indoors at room temperature.


Where you keep your shoes is an important factor.

The ideal space for your shoes should be an area that’s not too hot or not too cold.

Extreme temperature and humidity can loosen shoe glue, weaken fabrics and can damage delicate leather shoes.

If your shoes are wet or damp, never put them right back in your storage because this can cause odor, bacteria, and mold to form.

For shoes you wear more often, make sure to designate place them in an open space so that damp fabric or leather can breathe.

Shoes with fragile materials should be stored with a package of silica gel to remove dampness. Lastly, store brightly colored shoes out of direct sunlight to maintain their color.


When you prefer to use a shoe organizer, use organizers that

are high quality and moisture-resistant.

Choose the right organizer because there are different types of storage containers designed to store different shoe types.

It is recommended that you also arrange your shoes by frequency of use. Start with putting shoes you use more often in the most accessible part of your organizer. You can also group shoes together based on the activity that you’ll use them.

This step can save you time when choosing and searching for the right pair of shoes.


For long-term storage, the best way to protect your shoes from dust and dirt is to store them in shoe bags.

Cotton shoe bags are better while plastic bags can cause them to dry out.

If you can’t find a good shoe bag for all your shoes, you can just keep them in a shoe rack but make sure to keep spaces in between each pair to avoid shoes from damaging each other especially between leather and coated leather.

Be creative

Just go on the internet and you’ll find many inspirations on how to be creative in storing your shoes.

The point is never to stack your shoes on top of each other!

Aside from creasing, piling your shoes will make it very difficult to find a pair of shoes.

So be creative and try to hang your shoes using a shoe pocket,

A wall rack or even an organizer under your bed to save space!

Whatever you decide on, just remember to never let your shoes touch the ground if you are storing them long-term.

Do you know more tips on how to keep our shoes safe and fresh? Let us know in the comments section of this video!



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