Bellevue exec shares his views on business and being a dad

Family life with children is hectic and time is always at a premium, especially when you are running a business.

Everyone, young and old, has their busy schedules, and this means that there may only be a few moments available every day for both parents and children.

For parents, you are certainly not alone if you feel this way, but when you have the slightest chance of spending quality time with your family, “do and give your all,” says Bellevue Hotels and Resorts Chairman Jonny Chan.

Chan, who owns and manages a resort chain in the country together with his sons Patrick, Ryan, and Dustin, has been in the resort business for over 20 years.

Family come first

“Its been 20 years now, and it is all about balancing,” shares chan in an email interview with CDN Digital.

Chan says that no matter how busy his business schedules are, or how busy his children are, parents should draw a line between family and business matters.

“Always use your times wisely, and family always comes first,” says Chan.

Bellevue Hotels and Resorts Chairman Jonny Chan.

“(Becoming a father) is the best feeling in the world. I can say that it is the happiest moment for us,” he adds.

Chan also shares that being a father always means setting good examples for your children. That goes out to your employees as well. 

“(I) have to be very hands-on, it is applicable for both business and raising your children, also make sure that you are leading by example most especially for your kids as they look up to you,” he says. 

Running a multi-million business and being a father may be a tough weight on most parents, however, Chan explains that if you learn how to prioritize and balance, things will turn out smooth. 

“When I was single, I only think for myself. But things and decisions change when you have children. I always think of their future and making sure that my knowledge and legacy are passed on not only to them but to the next generation,” Chan says. 

“My father also taught me the importance of family ties… (and that) family comes first,” he says.

His wish

While on normal days, Filipinos would anticipate Father’s Day, today families will find it tough to celebrate the occasion given the strict implementation for zero mass gatherings and to practice social distancing.

“To be quite frank, you can feel the difference from the previous years due to the pandemic. It is difficult to celebrate grandly or spectacularly,” says Chan.

“My wish is for everything to be back to normal so that all families (including our employees) can enjoy being with their loved ones during this special day for dads,” says Chan./dbs

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