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Elderly man with wooden bike receives brand new mountain bike from Cordova couple

UPGRADE. Tatay Renerio, who used to ride a wooden bike (left) gets a brand new mountain bike (right), complete with bike gear, from a couple who owns a bike shop in Cordova town, Cebu. | Contributed photo

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Tatay Renerio Colita, who went viral for riding his wooden bike, is getting an upgrade for free, thanks to a couple from Cordova town in Cebu.

The couple, Liove and Rodel Zonio, owners of CMJ Bike shop in barangay Pilipog, Cordova, succeeded with their plan to give Tatay Renerio a brand new mountain bike, complete with riding gear such a jersey, a pair of gloves, and a helmet.

So how did they know about Tatay Renerio and his famous wooden bike?

Liove said she saw a viral post online of a man seen cruising the streets of the neighboring Mandaue City with a wooden bike.

“When I saw the post being shared online, I knew I had to tell my husband and give tatay a bike,” Liove said.

“Before, we were struggling too. And I know the feeling. That’s why I wanted to give him a new bike and some gear and asked friends online to help me locate tatay,” she added.

With the help of a Facebook post, the couple found Tatay Renerio just a day after sharing the post.

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On Monday, July 13, 2020, the couple were able to meet the elderly man at his home along Hernan Cortes Street, Barangay Subangdaku in Mandaue City.

This is Tatay Renerio’s viral photo believed to have been taken before the pandemic happened. | Contributed photo

Deaf mute

According to Liove, she received a message on her Facebook account on Sunday evening, July 12, from one of the relatives of Tatay Renerio.

“It was around 9 or 10 in the evening of July 12 that I got a message from his relatives and told me where he lives. We were very happy and excited to give him his new bike,” she added.

When they arrived in Tatay Renerio’s place on Tuesday, they were surprised to find out that Tatay Renerio was actually deaf-mute.

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“We were so happy when we finally saw him. He was all smiles and happy when he saw the bike. It was very rewarding for us to help him in ways we can,” Liove said.

Liove said that Tatay Renerio was in his 70s and is living with his relatives in Mandaue.

He actually makes a living out of making wooden bikes, which he sells for P350 pesos, depending on the size. /bmjo

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