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This is your sign to start that ‘urban jungle’ at home


Try growing plants and use them as decorations in your house as a way to turn your home into an "urban jungle".

Try growing plants and use them as decorations in your house as a way to turn your home into an “urban jungle”.

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Since everyone has been in home isolation for months now, a lot of us have ventured into doing “new” things.

The likes of turning out a normal-looking home into an urban jungle with indoor plants.

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Waiting for that sign to get into indoor planting?

This is it! Read on.

Instant home decor— no need to buy lavish ornaments to decor your home or room, the colors of the plants will give your room the much-needed level up for it.

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Makes you sleep better— study shows that the presence of certain plants would give you a good night’s sleep. Some plants give this best soothing feeling that would give you that needed rest after a long day.

Reduces stress— in some cases plants are best placed near the area you would want to relax or your workstation. Some plants help reduce heart rate according to some studies. Looking at something fresh and lovely would make you forget the things that have been bothering you.

Keeps you busy— some of us are just at home doing nothing. So to make it more productive, these plants will help you be preoccupied. This can also boost energy, mood, and productivity.

Purifies the air— yes! Plants are natural air purifiers. This means you will be breathing fresh air even inside your home or room. This is by far the best and simplest way a plant can help you ease the tension you had for the entire day.

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Indoor planting is just like outdoor gardening.

But the difference is, you get to see these plants more, more time spent with them means the more time you have ease your stress. /dbs

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