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Stop being so hard on yourself!

Stop being hard on yourself if things don't go your own way. Learn to appreciate little victories, which can go a long way for your self-esteem. | CDN Digital stock photo

Stop being hard on yourself if things don’t go your own way. Learn to appreciate little victories, which can go a long way for your self-esteem. | Stock photo

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Stop being too hard on yourself!

Yes, you.

People have been drawn into doing so much these days in order to make them feel “better” or “good.”

But doing too much will only lead to chaos and disappointment if not managed well.

Now, take it slow and stop putting too much pressure on yourself.

Here are signs that you are being too hard on yourself:

Not feeling enough— even if you are doing the best you can with good outcomes, you still feel like you are not doing enough. Take it one step at a time, will you? If you have accomplished one thing in a day that has a good outcome, that is already enough. If you think you are not good enough because they tend to spend more time with others than you, so what?

Highlights the negative traits— instead of celebrating your mini victories or big ones, you still manage to look at it in a very negative way. Stop focusing on your “what ifs.” You did good and that’s worth so much than your missed chances and negative traits.

Blaming game is strong— you constantly blame yourself for the failures around you. Stop that. Breathe in and out. You are not accountable for everything around you. If someone treats you poorly, don’t point the finger to yourself. You are not the reason for his or her unacceptable behavior.

Setting too many expectations— your expectations for yourself, for others will eat you alive. Don’t expect too much,  learn to live with what you have, and don’t have. Setting a goal is good, enjoy the journey and learn from the setbacks.

Always being extra— stop going that extra mile for others or just to make you feel better. Going the extra mile does not necessarily mean, progress, sometimes, you are just putting too much on your plate. Stop exhausting yourself for people who don’t appreciate you.

Stop being too hard on yourself. Take a break, deep breath, and look at rearranging your priorities and persepective in life.

Put yourself first and be your biggest fan. /dbs

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