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Five-year-old from Consolacion, Cebu sharpens motorbike skills

CEBU CITY, Philippines— While most kids may be busy learning to play online games during these quarantine days, a  five-year-old boy from Consolacion town in northern Cebu is trying something different.  He is busy learning how to ride a mini motorbike on his own.

Don’t fret just yet parents! Of course the kid’s not alone as he is supervised by his mom and granddad in his learning process.

The kid’s name is Qeighzer Cuizon, whose family is from Barangay Casili in Consolacion town.

His mom, C-Let Cuizon, proudly showed netizens her son’s improvement via a video posted on July 26, 2020. It showed the young boy, with his grandpa’s help and complete safety gear, able to maneuver his mini motorbike around a vacant lot.

“Since this pandemic came, I wanted him to be more exposed to physical activities and real-life activities other than playing online games,” said Cuizon.

What makes this video special is that according to mommy, the kid learned to ride in just a day.

Cuizon said that she was amazed by her son’s dedication to learn, saying Qeighzer mastered maneuvering, balancing and controlling the throttle in just a day with the help of grandpa Antonio.

Apparently, Qeighzer has some rider’s blood in him as his mom is into motorcycle racing. She said she has joined circuit races and road races in Cebu.

While some may think this may be unsafe, teaching kids at this age has its advantages.

For one, this instills a sense of safety riding at a young age, which can help make the kid be an educated motorcycle rider when he grows up.

Now that’s one less “kamote” rider and maybe a future motorbike champ.

Keep it up kiddo! /bmjo

Young boy's motorbike skills

WATCH: Under the supervision of his grandfather Antonio, five-year-old Qeighzer Cuizon from Casili, Consolacion in Cebu drives a mini motorbike around a vacant area in their place. The kid’s mom, C-let Godinez Cuizon, said Qeighzer learned to drive the gasoline-powered motorbike in just a day. | video by C-let Godinez Cuizon via Immae Lachica #CDNDigital

Posted by CDN Digital on Sunday, July 26, 2020

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