Signs that you are with an avoidant partner


CEBU CITY, Philippines– Ever been so in love that you tend to just see the good in your partner and suppress your feelings of loneliness?

Wow! That’s a lot to take, don’t you think?

Nothing is more bothersome than being with a partner who is not emotionally stable or does not want further commitment. A partner who likes to be more independent not knowing that they, too, need to be dependent at times.

Hang on tight ‘cause these signs might have been beaming on you for the longest time:

Always wanting space

While others fight so hard to see each other or be emotionally close with their partners, this kind of partner would want more time for themselves. There’s nothing wrong with wanting time for yourself. But know how to balance it out.

Does not hold responsibilities

You are acting the way you are because of the action and ways of your partner, and yet they do not man up to this responsibility. Talking is no use with this partner because they have reasoned out before knowing the whole story.

No definite plan

“We’ll see” is the answer whenever you ask about things in the future. They rely too much on where life brings us rather than stirring through your own current.

Always your fault

They see you as the reason behind every fight. Up to the smallest thing they will never get tired of pointing the finger at you, even to up to a failed online purchase, they blame it on you.

Not afraid of losing you

This has got to be the biggest sign of them all. Once your relationship hits rock bottom, expect this partner to be the first one to the door. They have always thought of just themselves. Don’t try and think they’ll change that, now that’s everything’s a mess.

A lot of effort and time is needed in a relationship for it to be afloat. So take note of these signs so you’d know if you’re really with the right person. /bmjo


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