Being in your 20s is all about exploring. Here’s how


CEBU CITY, Philippines— Are you in your 20s and already panicking of how your life has turned out?

Don’t be alarmed! Being in your 20s is when you should experience the rawness of life.

This is the time where you discover who you are, want you to want, and learn from those things.

These are some things you should be doing if you’re in your 20s:

Go on dates

This is the time wherein you can actually go on date after date and just enjoy meeting someone. Being in your 20s does not mean you have to have that perfect match and then marry a year after. This is when you learn how to mingle and know what kind of relationship you want to be in.


May it be a simple out of town trip or an international trip, do it! While energy is still there. Yes, money can somehow be the issue but that’s the beauty of these travels. You get to save and look forward to rewarding yourself after months of working.

Meet people

Widen your circle but make sure to pick the right ones. Get to know people who share the same idea as you. Stick to those who are driven to be better.

Splurge and save

Difficult? Yes, it is. But as early as your 20s it is best to find the balance between splurging and saving. Know when to splurge and when to save.

Chase your dream job

While doing so, make sure you still stay grounded to the realities of life. If your dream job is thousands of miles away, work hard to get there by getting a practical job that would help you get there. But no matter what, don’t lose sight of that dream job


Don’t be afraid to ask around. Seek for advice with the right people. This is the stage in your life where you should start learning things on your own.

Go to concerts

Jump! shout! Sing your heart out to the music of your favorite band. You deserve to have fun and go after your idols, who somehow helped you cope with life when you were younger.

Basically, being in your 20s is the start of you living your own life, and learning what you want and you don’t want.

Not everyone in their 20s get what they want or take time to enjoy life so try not to be one of them. /bmjo

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