Perks of loving in private

Here are some perks of loving in private.


CEBU CITY, Philippines— Have you ever wondered why relationships from the past last for years?


This is one of the key components of being in a happy relationship.

Getting messy in private, and fixing and getting stronger in private gives you peace of mind.

Got you thinking? Here read some of the perks of keeping your love life in private:

No judgment— if you try and stay away from social media when you get into a fight or happy moment and just celebrate it in private, you are not allowing people to judge your happiness or your relationship in general.

No drama— once you share too much to people, who are even close to you, that still creates tension and drama. They might have a different approach to your problem but by the end of the day, it is you and your partner’s decision that matters.

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Less pressure— you’ll have the tendency to get insecure with other relationships with how they are so open in social media or in public, being in a private relationship will teach you the humility of being in a real and happy life.

Solely yours— no matter the ups and downs your relationship is yours! This will be the talk of the town or something people will gossip about.

Deeper connection— there’s a different and a deeper connection between you and your partner when you keep things in private. You would know that you are each other’s comfort and support system even without bragging about it.

Keeping things in private does not only mean avoiding social media but rather keeping things between you and your partner and leaving people even friends out of it.

Communication is the key, always. /dbs

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