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How to make your social media accounts toxic-free



CEBU CITY, Philippines—No matter how much we enjoy the pleasure of social media, there’s always a toxic side to it.

There are times read about people getting mad at another person, netizens bragging about a new toy, and other netizens arguing or debating about a political issue.

Ugh! We don’t need that kind of energy, right?

So what about trying to make your social media account less toxic?

How? Following these tips:

Unfollow people

Let’s make our social media life as simple as possible. If certain people take away your zen online, unfollow them. Simple. Now, you won’t be able to see their updates and just get on with your social media browsing, stress-free. More importantly, you’re not being too harsh since you’re not unfriending them!

Follow people and pages with good feels

After unfollowing those with negative vibes, do the exact opposite. Follow  pages and people who bring positive energy. This makes your social media browsing meaningful everyday.

Keep scrolling

If a topic does not concern you or doesn’t make you better, keep scrolling. If you see something offensive or might trigger you to think of bad things, remember to just keep scrolling. Breathe in and breathe out.

Don’t compare

If you find yourself comparing yourself to  others, that right there is a red flag. Don’t ever compare yourself with others online, because for all you know, they are not really the persons they are in real life. Not everything you see on the Internet are real, believe us.

Step away

If things get out of hand, just take a break from social media. Find your balance and peace then if you are ready to get back on the social media life but this time, know how to handle it right.

There is a lot of pretending online and if that’s toxic for you, make a move to make your social media toxic-free. It’ll help a lot! /bmjo

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