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Easy songs you can learn on the guitar care of CDN Lockdown guest Dane Smith

By: - October 02, 2020

The guitar is among the easiest instruments to learn in music.

Whether you starting to learn the instrument or at a more advanced level, there is always something that motivates you when you learn how to play your favorite songs.

By learning or mastering your favorite songs on the guitar, your love for music grows. Best of all, you’ll impress friends and family whenever a guitar comes out at a party or an event.

The list of guitar songs we collated from the internet is chosen primarily for the beginner guitarist, inspired by our recent CDN Lockdown Guest, Busker, and Street Musician Dane Smith last August 13.

WHAT’S UP! LIVE: Dane Smith

WHAT’S UP! Cebu-based busker and street musician, Dane Smith is LIVE in another episode of Lockdown: a break from the outbreak!Enjoy an hour of chill jamming session this Thursday evening!This is CDN Digital's What’s Up LIVE interactive session special to bring you entertainment, inspiration, and hope during these difficult and trying times.Comment your questions or requests for Dane below ⬇️⬇️⬇️Follow him on Instagram: @greetdaneDasig lang Sugbo!#lockdown #BreakFromTheOutbreak #covid19PH

CDN Digital 發佈於 2020年8月13日 星期四


Some of these songs are as easy as two-chord songs which are a great starting point for beginner guitar players that includes classic rock, country, and pop songs.

Furthermore, a youtube link is also included that features some tutorials on these songs. Grab your guitars, and let’s strum right to it.

Bob Dylan – Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

Four chords: G-D-Am then G-D-C

This gospel-folk song originally appearing on a soundtrack dedicated to Sam Peckinpah in 1973 is one of Dylan’s most popular songs. This song is timeless and a masterpiece and is very easy to learn.

Lil Nas X & Billy Ray Cyrus – Old Town Road

Four chords: A, C, G and F

One of the biggest hits from 2019, this song became a worldwide phenomenon on the internet from hip hop singer Lil Nas X featuring Billy Ray Cyrus.

We’ve also seen several liver performances of Billy Ray strumming to these easy open chords: A, C, G, and F.

The Beatles – Twist And Shout

Three Chords: D, G, and A

Perhaps what makes Twist And Shout so great for beginners is that every part is achievable for even the novice of guitar players. It is just D, G, A for the whole songs except for the breakdown, where you just play A. Hard? More like a piece of cake!

Taylor Swift – Wildest Dreams

Five Chords: C, Em, D, G, and Am

In a solo performance of Taylor Swift back in 2015, the singer-songwriter showed that sometimes all you need is a guitar and a good song to make performance work. The heart of the song is C, Em and D, and G, D, Am, and C in the choruses that sums five chords in all. With the song’s gentle tempo, this would be perfect for a beginner guitarist.

Practice these at home and you’ll whip out some tunes during parties and gathering in no time! /bmjo

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