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FACES OF CEBU: Brylle Arombo, amputee freediver



CEBU CITY, Philippines— Your disability does not and will not define you as a person.

This is what this newbie freediver and para athlete Brylle Samgel Gelbolingo Arombo from Argao wants to prove as he shows how he can dive into the depths of the sea with only one leg.

Arombo, 23, a second-year college computer tech student, is a proud member of the Philippine Accessible Disability Services, Inc. (PADS) Adaptive Dragonboat Racing Team.

Just recently, photos and videos of Arombo surfaced online as he showcased his talent in freediving.

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Arombo told CDN Digital that among the many sports he plays, freediving is by far the most challenging yet satisfying sport for him.

“When you’re under water, calmness lang gyud ug peace ang imo ma feel. Nothing else,” he said.

(When you’re under water, calmness and peace is what you feel. Nothing else.)

Within just two weeks of learning to freedive, Arombo said that is getting more interested in learning more skills  as it gives him the freedom of discovering his limits and capabilities underwater.

Arombo is also an aspiring vlogger and is now starting to grow his followers on his Facebook page “BryVentures” wherein he posts his adventures as a para-athlete and his love for sports.


Aside from freediving and from paddling for the team he also plays wheelchair basketball, amputee football, and sitting volleyball.


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