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Filipino Homes launches its first real estate podcast

Podcast offers free real estate strategies to struggling professionals

By: - October 22, 2020

With the various platforms we have in this age of the Internet, to share and disseminate content online and on social media, countless individuals have turned to the power of podcasting to inspire and communicate stories to a wider audience.

And to further advance his actions in sharing knowledge and strategies in the Real Estate Industry, Filipino Homes’ CEO and Founder Anthony Leuterio has recently launched the first real estate podcast that aims to support Filipino Homes brokers and agents nationwide.

At the beginning of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, when a lot of businesses closed until further notice, Leuterio urged businessmen and other players to take advantage of the lockdown and come up with new ideas and strategies.

Since then, Filipino Homes has developed many “firsts” in the real estate industry to motivate not just the members of their organization but also the community.

In March of this year, together with 30 other digital marketing experts, entrepreneurs, and speakers, Leuterio gave an online course on effective strategies and techniques during the VirtualPreneur Summit.

The VirtualPrenuer Summit 2020 was a free online summit initiative to help empower local business owners by providing insights, outlook, and strategies to sustain businesses despite the temporary issues caused by the pandemic.

This was followed with series of webinars, online courses and live lectures by Filipino Homes that was streamed free across many platforms such as zoom and facebook.

The latest project of Filipino Homes led by Leuterio himself was launched this month, the Filipino Homes Podcasts — Real Estate Spotlight and Leaders in focus today, or LIFT.

In April, the largest comprehensive real estate solutions portal in the Philippines offered the country’s first “quarantine-friendly home designs” and organized its first ever Quarantine-Friendly Home Design Presentation through an online webinar.

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Now that everything is done online from school to work and even shopping, Leuterio said that it is critical to adapt in these times than being out-of-date of what the new normal can actually offer.

The latest project of Filipino Homes led by Leuterio himself was launched this month, the Filipino Homes Podcasts — Real Estate Spotlight and Leaders in focus today, or LIFT.

a photo of the filipino homes podcast poster

You can now stream weekly podcast episodes by Filipino Homes for free. | Filipino Homes

Leuterio has taken in consideration the stress and many uncertainties brought by the times today, and the podcasts serve as his additional helping hand to the struggling young professionals of today.

In this project, Leuterio and other leading brokers and sales agents in the country will give free strategies, methods and techniques on how to increase sales and find growth in the new normal. Sharing stories of hope and inspiration that can lighten the spirits of the community.

The podcasts can be streamed weekly for free on facebook and via zoom wherever the listener is located are in the country.

Aside from this educational and inspiring podcast series, Leuterio is also proud to share that the Filipino Homes Institute of Real Estate (FIRE) has completed its requirements and is nearing the final processes of being a Professional Regulation Commissions (PRC) accredited school.

FIRE is also the first online real estate school in the country that has complete automation and prepared curriculums before the new normal.

As we near the last quarter of the year, Leuterio said that he will continue to call all real estate orgnizations to join Filipino Homes and share ideas and other strategies that will advance the real estate industry of the Philippines.

“The future is not competition, its cooperation and convergence and collaboration,” Leuterio said.

During the enhanced community quarantine and lockdown in the country, Filipino Homes has breached its sales, surpassing goals and targets from the past years.



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