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Signs for you to leave a relationship before you get ghosted!


CEBU CITY, Philippines— Ghosting has been very popular lately even before the Halloween season.

Ghosting is not literally for scary ghosts anymore, but rather someone who leaves someone they are seeing without even saying anything— not even a goodbye.

Now, in order for you not to get ghosted, here are the signs that can help you determine if this person has a plan in ghosting you:

Short text messages— if this person starts sending you one-word text messages, then this is a simple sign that this person might be ghosting you in the days to come.

Silent over the future plans  when you start mentioning the things you can do for the holidays in the coming months or any plan at all, this person is dead silent and would sometimes change the topic of the discussion.

Bails on plans— uh oh! if this person keeps on bailing on your plans especially a night out with friends, this is something you should be worried about.

Always on the phone— if he starts using his phone way too much when you both are together, then start testing the waters. He or she might be busy making time for others.

Has a mysterious past— If this person has a past that you clearly don’t know about because this person has kept it a secret all the while you both are together. If he or she does not open about what happened in his or her past, that’s a red flag.

So, if these signs are showing in your relationship now, this is the perfect time for you to say “Adios” and leave before getting ghosted!

Boo! Surprise, I’m leaving you first! /dbs

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