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Burnout can look like…



CEBU CITY, Philippines– Tired?

This is what most of us might be feeling after battling the many demons brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

It may seem like a good year for some who worked from their homes for almost the entire year, but it still gets stressful and sometimes it even gets overwhelming.

This may lead to a burnout.

Burnout is not just merely the feeling of exhaustion. Here’s how it sometimes look like:


When you have so much to do but you opt not to do it because you feel like you can’t do it, that right there is being burnout. You get little to no motivation to do things that used to excite you. Take a few moments to breathe and reconnect with that thing that motivates you.

Trouble sleeping

Even if we think sleeping is our best escape from being a burnout, nothing beats the restless mind other than to clear it out before dozing off. If you have trouble sleeping at night, that means you are exhausted from mental things and not just the physical things in life.

Emotionally tired

When you get too emotionally overwhelmed and you cry almost over everything, that’s also a burnout. If you cry over small things that you know don’t really matter, then you are just emotionally tired.


Anxiety plays a big part in experiencing a burnout. This is when you start overthinking things that you can’t see things straight.

During these trying times, don’t lose touch with yourself. From time to time, relax, breathe, and restart. You are allowed to take care of yourself while juggling family, work, and play.


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