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Attend dawn Masses in style with these OOTD picks

By: - December 17, 2020

As part of the celebration before Christmas, every Catholic is expected to come to churches at dawn as a tradition. This is called Misa de Gallo or dawn Masses.

So as you make the effort of waking up early to pray and prepare for the birth of Christ, it is best to wear proper clothes that are both comfortable and fashionable.

Complete your nine early morning Masses in style with these suggested OOTDs. 

The Cozy Look 

Lacoste Women’s LIVE Signature Print Crew Neck Sweater Elf Pink | Photo from Lacoste

In December, we are expecting colder mornings. For sure, you would want to pick clothes that would keep you cozy as you visit the church. So wear a sweater or pair up your usual shirt or jeans with a cardigan to warm you up. It would make for better attire too. 


Dockers Men’s 360 Ultimate Button-Up Shirt in Renaissance Red | Photo from SM Store

One can never go wrong with a solid button-up shirt. It would make a great church outfit while being comfortable and fits into the standards of the church community. Just remember to pair it with pants or jeans and avoid shorts. 


Springfield Slim Fit Washed Five-Pocket Trousers | Photo from Springfield

Make your OOTD fashionable by tucking-in your pants or skirt. Not only it would give you a neat and sleek look, but it would also highlight your upper shirt and would fit seamlessly. You would want to look presentable in going to church. 

Classy Look 

OC Woman Shekina Button-Down Long Sleeves Blouse Pink | Photo from OC Woman

Formality is a must when visiting the church. So try to go for a more classy look. Business-inspired attires like long sleeves worn with slacks or trousers would make an ideal pair. This look would be your safest and most respectful choice. 


Debenhams KLEY Satin Trousers Dark Mauve | Photo from Debenhams

Waking up early in the morning can make us feel lethargic. So try a one hue outfit as it is something that you can easily wear if you’ll be in church at dawn. A monochromatic outfit is a simple and clean style and it would make you feel confident in wearing one. 

Prints and Patterns

Cortefiel Long Printed Dress | Photo from Cortefiel

The early morning atmosphere can make one feel dreary. To help liven your mood, you would want to wear clothes with playful prints and patterns. No matter what color pallet you’re working with, you can never go wrong in choosing prints. 


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