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Don’t rush these things

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Rushing will lead you to no good.

To rush things just because you feel the pressure around you will not always better your life.

Sometimes, it makes it worse.

So if this year, you are eager to do so much, remember, that you are set at a certain pace for a reason.

These are the things you should never do in a rush:

Becoming successful— everything happens with due process. If being successful is your goal, define your success story with experiences and misadventures. A success overnight is never ideal, for it will only teach you that things can come and go easily.

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Knowing someone— or think you know someone and trust that person. Erase that, take time to know a person with all your might before allowing them to get into your life.

Make decisions— if it feels right at the moment, go, make that decision, but if you feel like you still need time but want to make a decision just to end the agony of weighing things, then you have a problem.

Falling in love— your heart is not a trophy and it does not say you have to be in love at a certain age just because everyone else is falling in love. Enjoy the time to know the person and let your real emotions talk you into loving a person.

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Eating— one of the most underrated things on the list, take time to enjoy your meal! This may not be that big, but a meal is what keeps you going every day, make time to recharge as you eat, enjoy your food, and be happy about it.

Rushing is never meant for big decisions in life, a little rush is okay from time to time, but there are just some things we should never rush into. /dbs

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