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Know some things you have to learn to live with in your journey to success


CEBU CITY, Philippines—Success does not grow overnight.

It comes with a lot of sacrifices and unexpected turns that will teach us a thing or two about how to reach our ambitions in life.

Yes. Our ambitions do not work for themselves, but rather they need us to do some work, too.

Want to know some of the prices we have to pay to reach success?

Read on.

People will react

No matter how good you have become, they will never wish for you to be better than them. Don’t let these words get into you. Be better in our own world and let them be.

Doing things alone

Family and friends may offer you their time and help, but for some reason, you may have to learn to do things on your own. Be fine with it and live with it.

Relationships have to wait

Or not. If you have found a person who understands and supports your stance and ambitions in life, this aspect may not have to wait.

Late evenings

But expect to rise early in the morning. They say the early bird catches the worm. Time is of the essence and you should know how to manage it and handle it.


You will have to find your own out of your comfort zone in order for you to learn the things life has to offer in order for you to reach your ambition.

This year, don’t be afraid of sacrificing some things, for it is much more frightening to have not reached any ambitions at all.


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