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Be at peace with yourself by accepting these things

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Life is beautiful.

Life has its own thing of making us learn the value of having peace within ourselves.

The peace we thought we could never have.

Let this read be your guide in finding your peace by accepting these:

Your capabilities

We sometimes go beyond our capabilities that will eventually lead us to frustrations and disappointments. In knowing your capabilities and living with them, you’ll know your limits and be okay with it.

Not all will listen

Some may ask for your advice, but not all will listen to it. Don’t be sad about it or take offense to it. Let it go and accept that people have their own way of doing things.

Things happen

Let things happen and you should be able to feel fine not being able to control it. Things may happen for a reason and they may also happen for no reason at all.


Respect yourself by giving yourself the boundaries you need from things and people. Accept that sometimes, boundaries are good and do not mean you are keeping yourself out of the world.

What you have

Work on the things you have rather than crying over spilled milk. Learn to live with what you have and try to work on the things you want to have by not forgetting to live in the moment. Accept the moment to let your heart rest and feel the joy of the present.

Learn to accept that life is not all rainbows and butterflies, learn to accept that life is a journey. And in order for us to reach our destination, we must accept the things we learn along the way.

Because by the end of the day, it will always be about the journey.



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