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Why being silent sometimes is not a bad thing at all

CEBU CITY, Philippines—  Being silent means a lot of things, one of the most common things associated with it is being not okay.

But being silent can actually help us to move forward and see things in a different light.

Here are some of the reasons why silence is not a bad thing at all:

Clearer picture — when one is silent for whatever reason, this person can start seeing things clearly and can effectively decide on which things to do. Being silent is not about being mad, but also trying to get away from being mad and learning from the situation.

Offers empathy — by not speaking, your silence can mean a big thing to others. Your words are sometimes best left unsaid and your presence be their guide to calm them down.

Reduces stress — noise can make our day more chaotic, not to mention if you want to just say things out of nowhere. If you keep your silence for a couple of hours a day, it will help you listen to yourself and respond to the right situation than to just react.

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Allows creative juices to rise — if you keep silent, you can start looking into making yourself a lot better. Making yourself a whole lot creative and effective in your work or in doing self-care.

You become aware — or to some become more aware. If you quiet down you can hear what is really going on with yourself and others. If you keep silent you get to think of more things you need to focus your awareness on.

To be silent does not really require hours per day, do it for a couple of minutes to see and realign your focus and self.


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