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Small steps to success


Small steps to success. A woman climbing a flight of stairs.

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Patience, and consistency are what make success worthwhile.

In life, a lot of people get distracted by the things that others have, that they too rush to success.

But life is not a race, but a wonderful journey filled with lessons.

Embrace these lessons and read why taking small steps can lead us to greater glory.

Learning the value of patience— not many people value this trait. Get it? They know what patience is but they don’t really know the deeper meaning of being patient. In taking small steps, you realize that greater things happen for a reason and that timing is key.

It gets us started— taking that small step is the best jumpstart there is. You can’t just jump into something big thinking you can get there right away. Start small, always start small.

Teaches us to be consistent— in making ourselves humble enough to start small, we learn the art of consistency. That we can get there if we become consistent with the things that we need to do not solely on the things that we WANT to do.

Allows us to think— small steps will not overwhelm us, but rather give us time to think of the next step. Unlike leaping into something big, it can get us worked up and when the hype is gone, we are completely lost in the next step.

Appreciate our progress— the more small steps we make the more we see the progress that pushes us to do more. The small steps allow us to look back and admire the efforts that would eventually keep us going.

Success is earned by gaining small victories.

Don’t rush and allow life to happen the way it should be, but remember to know where to course through and remind yourself that timing is everything and that everything happens for a reason— learn from it.



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