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Focus your mind on these functions for a peaceful and meaningful life


Focusing the mind and having a new mindset can give you better results on facing life.

New mindset new results.

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Our mind is powerful.

We just need to exercise it for its maximum potential.

The greater we look deeper into focusing our minds on its functions the more we can focus on ourselves and let go of the things that have been weighing us down.

Choice— practice your mind to choose what is right. Do what is right and think what is right. Always assert that you are making the best choice there is for you.

Knowing— to know your purpose is what keeps your mind guided and grounded. Keep your eyes and your thoughts on your purpose.

Turn it down- dismiss temptations. Learn to be okay in saying NO. Refuse to be used by people who you think are your friends.

Desire— always yearn to be better. Do better and be better. Focus on being the better version of you, ALWAYS.

Object— object to the negative things and influences that are just there for the moment and not influences that will be good for a lifetime.

Keep these functions in your mind straight for you to be guided on the path of peace and power.

Because the mind is all you need in this world full of empty words.


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