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Pay attention to the things that matter

CEBU CITY, Philippines— In the fast pace world we live in, most often than not, we try and see things in a superficial way.

Sometimes, seeing this at the surface level is good. But sometimes, we also need to look deeper and pay attention to the things that really matter.

Let us go back and learn of the things we need to focus on and those we need to let go of:

People who take your energy

They may have known you for years, but that does not mean they can stay longer if they see nothing but bad in you. If they take things the wrong way and do not see anything bad from their end, they take away the good energy you have. Let them go.

People who pay attention

You need to credit those people who pay attention to you, even if you don’t say or share anything. Time and distance are not really the issue in having people around. A simple “how are you” can go a long way. Keep them and thank them.

People who cheer you on

Genuinely. There are a lot of people who cheer you on but are not really happy for you. Just take note that you are not doing this for them but for you. Hug those who see your progress as something good and not something you can use to make others feel inferior.

Things that make you happy

Don’t let this world fool you. If you are happy with a cup of coffee instead of hanging out and drinking as most people do, then be happy and do it.

Goodness in every situation

See the good in every situation. See the good in you and let that be enough. Others may not see it as something good, but if you know it in your heart that it is indeed good, do it.

Put your mind and soul into the right kind of relationships and let go of what makes you feel empty, bad, and unworthy.


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