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How to enhance our ability to focus on our daily intentions

CEBU CITY, Philippines— By setting your daily intentions you get to choose how you act daily.

If your intention is to focus, you will constantly be reminding yourself that today, you need to be extra focused on the goal you need to accomplish.

Setting an intention is somewhat easy but sometimes tricky.

Today, let us focus on enhancing our ability to live with and by our daily intentions.

Connect with yourself— after getting up and saying your morning prayers, connect with yourself with what the best intention is for you today. Know your mind and start giving your mind what kind of day and intention you wish to set.

Leave behind your worries— if you want to be successful in reaching that intention of yours for that day, focus on achieving it and worry not if it is the right intention to pursue.

Meditate— when the day is just going way too fast for you to handle, pause, breathe in and out and meditate to reconnect yourself again to your intention.

Use something positive— let your intentions radiate positivity to guide you and enable your heart and mind to move freely and without a burden.

Ground yourself— a positive intention can sometimes make us feel like everything should be taken lightly. Setting an intention will also allow us to ground ourselves with reality and how we can face it without stressing too much.

Simple words like focus, calmness, grounding, and happiness are some of the best intentions you can start with. /rcg

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