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Ways to show our love for the LGBTQA community

CEBU CITY, Philippines— The LGBTQA community brings color to everything they touch.

Gone are the days that members of this community are put aside.

This time they will be celebrated the way they should.

This pride month, let’s all show our love for this community in small ways we can.

How? Read on.

Accept them

We are blessed to have these kinds of people in this world, vibrant, creative, and loving. All you have to do to make it less scary for them to live in this judgmental world is to accept them for who they really are.

Support them

Support them in small ways you can like being there for them when they feel lonely and sad, or to other family members when they are trying to come out. Support them by just being there. No need for words, just show up and support them.

Bond with them

They are not disease-carrying human beings. They are human beings just like us. Be with them, get to know them and their wants, this way you can start understanding them.

Be aware and spread awareness

They need our help, this community needs us to spread awareness for them and with them. In ways you know you can like sharing a post about getting to know this community, do so. Help them in spreading awareness.

Stand by them and with them

Nothing’s more comforting than knowing people are going to be there beside you when things start going south. They need us to feel a little more confident and powerful that it’s okay to be gay.

The LGBTQ is a community of talented, diverse, and intelligent individuals. Let us not waste time making them feel like they are not.

Happy Pride Month.


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