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Memes out of Nadine’s photo show netizens humorous side

DALAGUETE, Cebu—Actress Nadine Lustre’s viral bare-faced photo in Siargao has sparked hilarious memes. 

Netizens and fans showed their sense of humor as they turned Lustre’s candid photo into humorous memes.

Netizens on Facebook and Twitter tried to guess Lustre’s dumbfounded reaction in the photo.

Payche Rendon Sudaria commented, “Ingon ani gyud akong nawong nagpalit og ginamos sa merkado.”

(This is what my face looks like when I buy fermented fish in the market.)

Dave Taghoy said, “Kanang dugay kaayo ihatag ang sukli ba kay nangita pag sinsiyo ang tindera.”

(When you are waiting for your change from the vendor, who is still looking for coins for your change.)

“Kanang narealize nimo nga wala d i kamo,” netizen Marry Lou said.

(When you realize you are no longer in a relationship.)

Dave Lerio reacted, “Suka ra man ako gtugon nimo ga para sa ginamos ngano kana man sauce nga wa man ta lechon?”

(I only ask you to buy vinegar love for the fermented fish why did you buy sauce when we don’t have lechon?)

Anthony Laude also said, “Kanang nangaon namog sugod tapos gipapalit pajud kag sauce kay way sawsawan.”

(When you have started eating and then you are told to buy sauce because there is no sauce.)

“Kanang gikapoy ka’g laba pero gisugo pa gyud ka sa imo Mama palit og sauce,” said Marvie Quilisadio. 

(When you are tired but you are asked by your mama to buy sauce.)

Facebook user Yul Julia said, “Apili palihog magic sarap ug bombay palihog ga. Mao ra. Pero naa ko utang dha ila nang Dolor. Bayri lang sa kai ilisan ra tkaw. Pramis.”

(Please love include magic sarap and onion. Only that. But I have a debt there with Nang Dolor. Pay it and I will just pay you here. Promise.)

Some of them also tried to attach their photos holding store goods next to Nadine.

memes of Nadine's photo show netizens humorous side. A netizen photoshops himself in the photo of Nadine where he sells goods to Nadine.

Photo by Jayniel Alburo


Memes of Nadine shows humorous side of netizens. In this photo the netizen inserts himself beside Nadine's photo, who was holding a bottle of sauce.

Photo by Jay Dela Cruz


Memes of Nadine show netizens humorous side. Another netizen inserts himself in the photo buying a bottle of beer.

Photo by Ahas Lang Malakas


Photo by James Skinley

Others also noticed the store workers behind Lustre. 

Facebook user Eu Gene wrote,” I’m more on the photobomber. Fafable. Lol.”

And netizen Joanne Raili Aniceto said, “Let’s take a moment to appreciate the guys abs behind nadine! Pasikatin si koyah! Low key flexin is the key!”

(Let’s take a moment to appreciate the guy’s abs behind Nadine. Let kuya become famous! Low key flexin in the key!)

While Flor Al Baring commented, “Mao diay dugay ka nabalik gisugo nako ha kay nakig tabi pakas mga tindira.”

(That is why it took you a long time to return because you still engaged in a chitchat with the vendor.)

Meanwhile, many also admired the actress for her bare and tanned skin.


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