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Signs that you need to take the break you deserve

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Everyone needs a break. 

There are actually signs for this that most of us don’t know or choose not to know. 

Why? It’s because of us some of us feel a little guilty taking time off due things like work. 

But how can we function fully if we are just not in the zone anymore? 

If you are still confused if you need that break or not, read on.

These are the signs: 

Focusing is hard— If you find yourself staring at the ceiling or staring blankly looking at your laptop or notes, then you need to redirect your focus again. This is a clear sign that you need to plan for a break. 

No motivation— If excuses are all you have, then there’s no motivation at all. Once you are motivated, you get excited in doing things because you already have a beautiful end in mind. 

Can’t rest well— When you wake up and feel like you haven’t rested at all, that’s another sign that you should hit the pause button in your life and breathe.  

Emotionally overwhelmed— When little things and  little unexpected turn of events make you emotional, this is a hint that your mind and heart can’t take another unexpected turn. So take a break, and rest your heart and mind. 

Find it hard to enjoy things— If your favorite things can’t make you happy, there’s something wrong. How do you fix that? we all know what the answer is by now.  

Don’t hesitate taking a break since we all deserve one every now and then. 

Take note of these signs and remember that it’s totally okay to put yourself first for a while. 

After all, we can’t work efficiently when our body and mind are all stressed up.


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