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The beauty and strength one can have underwater

CEBU CITY, Philippines— An underwater photographer based in Moalboal, Cebu is making everyone want to extend summer! 

Moalboal is a haven not just for scuba divers anymore, but for freedivers who want to test their limits and see the beauty of the underworld. 

In freediving, you only have yourself to depend on. Of course, your fins and your masks are a big help too. 


But unlike scuba diving, you get to explore the limits of your own body and mind as you dive into the deep with no tanks. 

Still thinking of reasons why you should try freediving? Read on. 

Completely in control

In freediving, listening to your body and knowing your limits are just some of the best things you can learn. If you today don’t feel like going too deep, you can always come back up to the surface and try it some other day. In freediving, you are the captain of your own ship. 

Keeps you active

Controlling the mind underwater is just one thing, but being able to physically move your body around can help you in maintaining a healthy physique. The longer you hold your breath, the deeper you can go and swim around making your muscles move and even become stronger. 

Improves confidence underwater

Instead of wallowing in fear of what you might see underwater, freediving will guide you to see nothing but the beauty underneath. It can help you get excited about exploring more and be able to control your thoughts. 


You have total freedom when you go underwater. With your long fins and masks, you can explore the many beauties underwater or even explore your own capabilities too. You have the freedom to choose whether to dive deeper or not.

Be more mindful

As you explore the depths of the ocean, you can see that it is worth fighting for, that you get to be more mindful of taking care of the corals, and the underwater world in general. You get to tell people how one can help in keeping our waters clean. 

To make you more excited to try freediving, here are some shots by underwater photographer, Gillean Ponce. 

beauty underwater beauty underwater beauty underwater

But as you fall in love with freediving, always remember the core principle— always dive with a buddy.


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