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Unlearn some habits to move forward

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Growing up we have learned some habits that might have helped us along the way but little did we know that these habits may not really be useful moving forward. 

As we try to learn new things, we also need to unlearn some habits to make us better individuals. 

Raising your voice to prove a point— yelling or raising your point won’t make a point, but rather would only allow negative reactions and responses to win over a simple conversation. 

Changing people— we sometimes get too emotionally attached to others that we want nothing but the best for them that we sometimes resort to imposing a change in their lives, let them be. You can care for them by supporting them and by letting them know you will always have their backs. 

Comparing— making comparisons is never the right way to motivate yourself. You have to think that we have different ways of making it in this life. Focus on your grind. 

Not getting enough rest— this may be too simple, but the best way to take care of ourselves is by getting enough rest to fuel not just our day but our drive to be better. 

Letting your emotions get the best of you— don’t let your emotions win you over. Focus on the rational side of life, especially when it comes to work, and being with friends. Think more, feel less. 

This year, let’s try and keep our sanity as healthy as possible. 

Unlearn these habits to learn new and more beautiful ways of living life. 


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