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Everything you need to know about VECO’s eBillTxt

From the registration process to accessing your e-bill, here’s a rundown of important info about Visayan Electric Company’s eBillTxt

By: - November 22, 2022

Did you know that you can now receive your monthly electricity bill without the hassle of waiting long, checking your mail daily, and risking delayed payment? 

Visayan Electric Company (formerly known as VECO), the country’s second-largest electric utility, recently launched a supplemental digital service called eBillTxt. This innovative option delivers your monthly electricity bill straight to your mobile phone via SMS, instead of the traditional way of getting it through your mailbox. It’s a paperless, convenient, and time-efficient way to receive and view your monthly dues—and signing up for it and knowing how it works is just as simple and hassle-free.

Interested in this digital option? Here’s everything you need to know about Visayan Electric Company’s eBillTxt service. 


Registering for an eBillTxt account is a very easy process. Simply fill out and submit your duly accomplished Visayan Electric eBill Service Form and requirements for validation purposes, then read and acknowledge the eBillTxt Terms and Conditions. To get your form, there are three convenient options that you can choose from: You can head to tinyurl.com/SubscribeToEbillTxtNow, submit a request through email via [email protected], or scan the QR code below: 

Scan the QR code to enroll your account for eBillTxt.

After successfully signing up, wait for a Welcome text message from “VECO” confirming your enrollment. This no-reply text message will be sent to your registered primary mobile number only. Upon signing up, you can also register an optional Secondary Mobile Number as a backup in case your Primary Mobile Number becomes no longer available. However, it can only receive your bills if it is identified by the desired user’s (DU’s) eBill system (as rejected) or upon your request. Take note that you can only register one Primary and Secondary Mobile Number on your account.

If you’re wondering whether you can register multiple accounts to the eBillTxt service, the answer is: yes, you can! You can also use the same Primary and Secondary Mobile Numbers for multiple accounts. Just make sure you specify the account and mobile numbers to be registered. 

For Visayan Electric Company consumers who are previously subscribed to the utility’s eBill Email service, you are strongly encouraged to avail of or convert your existing eBill subscription from email to text. This is because Visayan Electric Company will promote only the eBillTxt service to its customers once it is stabilized and ready to be rolled out to external customers. But currently, the eBill Email service still works in parallel to the eBillTxt service.

If you’re a Visayan Electric Company customer, all you need is a mobile phone because eBillTxt sends your electronic bill through SMS or text messages. | Register to eBillTxt

Once you have signed up for eBillTxt, you will no longer receive a printed copy of your bills from Visayan Electric Company. But don’t worry if you suddenly feel like paperless billing isn’t the right fit for your lifestyle! You always have the option to revert back to receiving a paper bill through an eBillTxt cancellation request.

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Receiving bills

Now that you’ve successfully registered for an eBillTxt account, you can start receiving a PDF copy of your monthly utility bills through your registered Primary Mobile Number. In lieu of paper bills, your phone will receive a monthly SMS that contains your balance, due date, and a link to your PDF bill. 

To view or access your bill through an Android or iOS smartphone, make sure you have a PDF viewer or reader and an Internet connection via mobile data or WiFi. Your eBillTxt message will contain a URL which you can then select or tap to prompt the automatic download of your PDF bill or open the file on your browser, depending on your phone’s settings.

To ensure your data’s security, your PDF bill will be locked behind a password. This password is the last four digits of your registered Primary Mobile Number—so if your number is 09xxxxx0123, your password will be 0123. After entering this to unlock your file, you can now view, print, or download your bill and prepare to pay your dues at your respective payment centers. 

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For keypad-type mobile phones, receiving an eBillTxt message is still possible but your phone’s limitations may prevent you from viewing your PDF bill. To access your bill, you’d either have to forward the specific “VECO” text message to your Android or iOS mobile phone (if you have one) or type the entire URL Link found on the eBillTxt Message to your internet-connected Browser.

If you’re opting for manually typing the link, take note that every detail which comprises a URL link (such as numbers, characters, symbols, and letters, whether in upper or lower cases) is important to access your file. For reference, a sample URL is bill.aboitizpower.com/VECO/0000000000000x0x.pdf

Customers may also visit Visayan Electric Company service centers to enroll their account in the text service.

Although the eBillTxt service sends your monthly bill via SMS, you don’t need to worry about potential problems from turning off your phone, putting it in airplane mode, losing signal, or having an empty battery. You will still receive your e-bill once your mobile phone is turned on and its signal returns. Moreover, the date and time reflected in the eBillTxt message you will receive is the date and time that your telco provider acknowledged and sent the SMS.


There are many benefits to choosing a paperless, electronic billing option like eBillTxt for your monthly utilities. First is accessibility, because with your monthly bills sent to your mobile phone, you can easily access your statement anytime and anywhere. It also allows you to receive your bill as soon as it’s generated so that you can pay your bills on time and avoid potential late fees.

Data security is another perk of electronic billing, especially since it helps you avoid lost or stolen mail. This paperless option is also more eco-friendly and lets you cut down on clutter.

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Choosing paperless allows you to receive your bills as soon as they are ready—no matter where you are. | Contact Visayan Electric

To learn more or inquire about the eBillTxt service, you can contact the Visayan Electric Company hotline (032) 230-8326 or send a message to the utility’s Facebook page. Customers may also visit Visayan Electric Company service centers to enroll their account in the text service. 

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