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Hi-Precision Cebu launches Mandaue CT Scan with free healthcare for two lucky Mandaue City residents

By: - January 18, 2023

At the beginning of 2020, one of Hi-Precision Cebu’s newest innovations was its brand new 64 Slice CT Scan at the heart of its Cebu Main branch located in 28 J. Llorente St, Cebu City. Specially designed for higher quality images at shorter time intervals, the CT Scan in Hi-Precision quickly became an affordable yet vital machine for the non-COVID medical needs of tens of thousands of patients at the height of the pandemic.  

Now in 2023, Hi-Precision Diagnostics is beginning the year with a brand new high-speed 128 Slice Supria CT Scan available in its Mandaue branch located in MC Briones National Highway, Barangay Maguikay. As part of their commitment to serve the people of Cebu, they decided to provide free testing to two elderly local residents of Mandaue who desperately needed a CT Scan procedure. 

Hi-Precision Cebu now has available CT Scan available by walk-in in both its Cebu Main and Mandaue branch.

Alejandra, 61 

Local Barangay Basak resident Alejandra used to cook and sell food to support her six children, but has since retired. Her son Jerome, aged 24, has since become her primary caretaker after quitting his job as a construction worker to care for her full-time.

Although Lola Alejandra had been a diabetic for some time now, she had been enjoying relatively good health until a sudden spike in blood sugar lead to her sudden collapse as well as a mild stroke.

Lola Alejandra and her son Jerome | Contributed Photo

“Natumba ko pero natukod ang akong kamot so wala ni siya nadakdak akong ulo. Murag napalingkod ko ba. Unya akong natukod akong kamot nya mao ni siya murag napiang. Mao to mura kog na-mild stroke,” she said.

(I fell but I was able to break my fall with my arm, so my head did not hit the ground.  I fell and ended up in a sitting position, but I extended my arm to break my fall so I think this is fractured. That is why I think I had a mild stroke.)

Immediately, Alejandra was rushed to the local hospital where the doctor requested a CT Scan to check for signs of potentially threatening blood clots, or for signs of damage from the fall. But a long wait list for patients meant that Alejandra was admitted to the hospital for longer than expected. 

“Laay gyod siya didto [sa ospital] unya gasto nya hurot sad kwarta ba. Gusto na ko mouli. Gi-admit ko, atong sa petsa dyes, mu-semana na kapin. Didto gani ko nagbirthday,” she said.

(I was bored there [the hospital] and it was costly, all my gone was gone. I want to go home. I was admitted at the hospital on the 10th, we are nearly a week here. I even celebrated my birthday, there.)

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This is why being selected for a free CT Scan in Mandaue was a big blessing for the both of them, especially for Jerome as he himself is a father of two.

“Gaan among gipamati ato. Naa koy duha ka buok anak gud, gagmay pa, gigatas pa ba. Nya niundang pa gyud kog trabaho, kay unom mi kaigsoon, ako ra gud pwede makaserbisyo niya. Lipay kaayo mi ato, kay wala gyod mi gi bayranan kay ang katong para among hinipusan nagasto na didto sa among kinahanglanon, mga diapers ug tanan. Nagamit gyod ba, salamat intawon,” he said.

(I am feeling okay.  I have two children, they are still kids, and one of them still needs milk. And I have to stop working, because among the six siblings, I am the only one who can serve my mother. I was so happy then, and we did not have to pay for anything because all our savings had already been spent in our basic needs, diapers and all. We used it all up, thank you.)

When asked what Jerome loves the most about his mother, all he said was this: “Gipadako mi niya nga siya ra usa. Bilib gyod mi, nga gibuhat niya tanan nga mabuhi mi, gipakaon mi, gipaeskwela mi. Mao gyud nga pinakalove sa among Mama. Wa sad mi niya pasagdahi ba. Naningkamot jud siya bisag wala siyay ka-atbang para makahatag og suporta sa iyang mga anak.” 

(She raised us by herself. We were amazed at what she did where she did all things so that we can have something to eat and she sent us to school. That is why I love my mother. She did not ignore us. She took care of us. She worked hard even she did not have a partner so that she could give support to us her children.)

Nanay Hermozcilla, 68 

“Ako si Nanay Hermozcilla, 68 anyos, nga taga Barangay Umapad, Mandaue City gihapon. Nagpasalamat ko og dako sa HP nga naabot sa amo higayona nga naapil intawon ko sa ilahang libre nga CT Scan,” she said.

(I am Nanay Hermozcilla, 68 years old, also from Barangay Umapad, Mandaue City. I am grateful to HP that I was given this opportunity to have a free CT scan.)

A resident of Barangay Umapad, Hermozcilla also collapsed, this time due to irregular fluctuations of blood pressure. At this time, she was under the care of her only son Anthony, a former barangay worker who now cares for her full-time.

Nanay Hermozcilla with her son Anthony | Contributed Photo

“Na-collapse ra man ko diretso. Kay ako nahibaw-an pagmata nako, diha na man ko sa ospital (I just suddenly collapsed. When I came to, I was already in the hospital),” Hermozcilla explains.

“Kanang akong pagumangkon nangayo didto ug kuan aron mapa-CT Scan ko. Na-enganyo sad ko pag-ingon sila na “Sige na, kuhaon ka namo alas dose ha? Pangandam lang daan”,” she said.

(My nephew asked them that I can get a CT scan. I was also encouraged when they said “yes, we will fetch you at noon? Just get ready by then.)

As residents of Mandaue, both Anthony and Hermozcilla greatly appreciated how near the CT Scan was to their location.

Mas maayo ni nga duol. Kay pareha ani nga di siya kabiyahe kay malipong man,” he said.

(This is better because it is just near our residence, because we are the same we cannot endure long distances because we will feel dizzy then.)  

It is because of the Mandaue branch’s proximity to their house and affordability that Anthony often brings his family members there for check-ups.

“Akong kinamaguwangan naa pa gyoy diabetes. Mao moari gyod ko diri magpacheckup ug ang pilay presyo diri, ug maabot nako, paningkamutan lang gyod nako nga mapacheck-up ko hasta akong mga bata, papaningkamutan gyod nako,” he said.

(My eldest child has diabetes. That is why I come here to have a checkup and if I can afford the price here, I will try to have the checkup there including my children, I will try hard for it.)

Furthermore, for many first time CT Scan users, being inside the machine can be an intimidating or uncomfortable experience.  But because Hi-Precision invests greatly in a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere, Nanay Hermozcilla had a positive first impression.

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Ok ra gyod sa CT Scan, Sir. Malipayon (laughs) Wa man ko kulbai. Nalingaw ko og tan-aw sa tuyok-tuyok (laughs) Nalingaw’g tan-aw sa tuyok-tuyok. O, karon pa gyod intawon ko makasuway ug wa matigulang,” she said.

(Having the CT Scan was okay, sir. I am happy (laughs). I was not nervous. I enjoyed seeing those things spinning (laughs). I enjoyed seeing those spinning things. It is only now that I have tried this, now that I am already old.)

As Anthony says, “Sobra akong kalipay na na-CT Scan na gyud akong Mama aron mahibawan gud ang sakit ug makuha sa doctor ba nga masulti sa amoa (I am so happy that my mother has undergone the CT-Scan so that we can know what her illness is and so, the doctor will know it and can tell us what ails here.) 

For mother and son, treatment and recovery is top-priority, with Anthony having this special message for her Mom. 

“Nay, paningkamot gyud na nga ma-extenan pa imong kinabuhi. Unya, barugi gyud imong kaugalingon nga magpakabuhi ka  kay tungod naa pa kay mga apo, daghan pa. Kita rang duha magtinabangay,” he said.

(Nay, try your best that you can live longer. And, you should promise to live because you still have several grandchildren, there are many. So we will help each other.)

Mandaue CT Scan 

Hi-Precision Cebu now has available CT Scan available by walk-in in both its Cebu Main and Mandaue branch. Click this link to see complete schedule and availability for CT Scan in both branches, or contact us via landline (888 2222) or cellphone/Viber (0917 770 3638).  

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