Kris Aquino thankful as doctors found treatments that can help ‘get her health back’

Kris Aquino is being checked by her doctors.

Kris Aquino and her doctors. Image: Instagram.@krisaquino

Kris Aquino made a gratitude post dedicated to her doctors as well as to those praying for her health, revealing that her doctors have finally found treatments suited for her despite the many limitations caused by her allergies.

The Queen of All Media said this while showing a video compilation of her consultation with her doctors, through her Instagram page on Saturday, April 15. She also included in the video some photos of herself with nasal swelling, flare-up on her skin, as well as bruising and discoloration due to enlarged blood vessels.

“This is an overdue gratitude post. I know it’s because of your prayers that God helped lead me to an excellent team of doctors: Dr. Sudhir Gupta, his daughter Dr. Malika Gupta, Dr. Yaqoot Khan, and Dr. John Belperio,” she stated in the caption.

“In particular, warmest thanks to Dr. Malika and Dr. John for their excellence and real compassion. I have many limitations when it comes to medicine and treatments because of my allergies and/or adverse reactions YET they both found treatments that given time can help me get my health back,” she continued.

Aquino said that being the “nerd” that she is, she has already memorized the medical results that she should be worried about, hence she knows that her recent results were “alarming.”

“My last numbers were alarming because maraming bumagsak na sana steady lang at yung mga nanahimik (like my ANA titer) nagparamdam ulit. Pinaalala sa ‘kin na yung 4 diagnosed autoimmune ko, pwedeng maging 5 or 6, and my major organs like my heart and lungs can suffer permanent damage,” she disclosed.

“Next week may bagong treatment na isasabay sa biological injectable that I’ve had 2 doses of. Praying kayanin ko,” she added.

Aquino further expressed her gratitude to the people who are extending prayers for her to get better, calling them her “rainbow” which gives her “hope and courage to keep the faith and trust God’s merciful love.”

She also thanked certain “special people” who she said have been with her in her medical journey, but she opted not to name anyone to shield them from “harsh judgement.”

“There are special people apart from my doctors I want to thank by name, but I learned the hard way: When you choose to open up portions of your life that should remain private (close friendships and relationships) you open what’s special to harsh judgment,” she wrote.

“You deserved a health update because you’ve been with me in this journey,” she added. “Sana ibalato niyo na lang ang private life during my journey of healing.”

Aquino, who has been diagnosed with several autoimmune conditions, is currently in California with her son Bimby. Her eldest child, Josh, was with them when they flew to the United States last year, but he has already returned to the Philippines.

Aquino was earlier seen bonding with Batangas Vice Gov. Mark Leviste in what appeared to be a shopping mall. While some fans have been speculating about a budding romance between the two, the Queen of All Media clarified that he is just her “best male friend.”


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