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FACES OF CEBU: Josryle Montecillo Molde, 28, self-made entrepreneur

Josryle Montecillo Molde, 28, a small business owner | Contributed photo

CEBU CITY, Philippines – Josryle Montecillo Molde is a firm believer of the saying, “When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.”

And his eventful journey shows that this 28-year-old man truly made the best of life even after failing.

Josryle Montecillo Molde is the founder of a pop-up foodtruck business called “Wraps by Molde,” a local brand based in Cebu which offers various kinds of food and beverages. Its specialty, though, are shawarma wraps.

Stationed in various places in Liloan, Danao, and Catmon in northern Cebu, it has become a crowd-favorite between locals.

With his continued efforts to expand his small business, Molde has now earned a reputation as a self-made entrepreneur.

Curveballs in life

Josrylle Montecillo Molde

Josryle Molde is known as a cheerful and humorous person. | Contributed photo

Molde is known by many as a happy-go-lucky person. But people also see him as a passionate man who always strives to adapt to the unexpected changes in his life, all while keeping a positive attitude.

To get to this point in his life today, Molde had to face many challenges that made him question what he is truly destined for.

He recalled how, in his younger days, he was more carefree and indifferent of his future.

While his classmates had ambitions to become all kinds of professionals, his only goal was simply to survive.

With encouragement from his family, he decided to take up marine engineering in college. Unfortunately, it did not feel right for him and he ended up dropping out.

But not having a diploma was not a hindrance to Molde. He believed that if he worked hard enough, he would find his way someday.

Deciding to take advantage of his free time to hone his skills, he decided to enroll in courses in technical drafting, automotive, and welding.

He earned himself a certificate in all three courses, expecting that he will end up with a job related to any of these.

But then, destiny lead him to a job in sales.

Feeling that this was an opportunity to be independent, he chose to work even if it was unfamiliar to him.

Opportunities abroad

It was not in Molde’s plans to work abroad. But he believed that with the opportunity coming his way, it would be a waste not to take it.

So he quit and applied for a job in Dubai, where both his mother and older brother were working.

Growing up with the mindset that working abroad means better income and better future, leaving became a promising option for him.

It was a completely new experience, according to Molde.

He said that his arrival in the foreign country served as an eye-opener for him to how challenging it was to make a living in a new environment.

Just like many Filipinos who choose to try their luck in other nations, he had to start from scratch and climb his way up.

Before he knew it, he was already working in a tour and travel company in Dubai for three years.

To Molde, it felt like his life was finally on track and he was contented with his choice.

But then, another hurdle came his way in the form of a global pandemic.

In 2020, Molde and his brother, just like many others around the globe,  lost their jobs and had no choice but to come back home.

Feeling devastated and lost, he came back to his home country with no idea of what to do next.

As he was not expecting to lose his job so suddenly, Molde realized it was back to square one.

But nothing is impossible when you have the will to make it happen, said Molde.

This might have been the biggest curveball in his life but he refused to back down no matter what.

In his mind, there was no time to be sad because the world doesn’t stop spinning.

It was at this time that he remembered a small dream he used to have as a child – to open up a food truck.

For many years, he has lived with practicality in mind so now he wanted to pursue something he was passionate about.

During one of his many food trips with his family, he decided on the idea of selling shawarma, which he observed was not common in his little town in Catmon.

Now it was time to get to work. With relentless determination, he did everything for his business – he cooked, packed, and even made the deliveries.

Josrylle Montecillo Molde

Molde delivering food orders to customers. | Contributed photo

Motivated by his family, he worked day and night to promote his small business and make it grow.

Through social media, his food truck became known to locals and soon after, people started to line up for his products.

Until a few months later, he was able to hire a team to help him with the addition of more items to their menu.

Molde is thankful that people are slowly taking interest in his business and it made him realize that losing his job abroad was not the end.

The support he is receiving made him realize that he does not need to leave the country to be successful and that as he grows, he is also able to help other people.

“Ganahan ko makatabang sa walay trabaho. Ganahan ko nga ma-inspire pud ang uban nga bisag nawagtangan ko’g trabaho sa una, dili diay ka wad-on nga naabot ko diri. Gi-bless gihapon ko bisag wa nako sa gawas,” he said.

(I like to help those who are jobless. I like to inspire them that even if you lose your job, you will still be able to do something here. I was still blessed even if I am not abroad.)

Molde added that this has also helped him spread the advocacy of supporting local brands as it provides extensive help to many people.

Hopeful for the future

Molde expressed that even if he has a long way to go, he is proud that he has arrived at this point in his life.

He has done many things in his life and failed but he is thankful that it all lead him to this moment.

Even when things looked doubtful and he struggled to find the way, he continued to have faith and worked hard to change his life.

Josrylle Montecillo Molde

Molde is working to expand his business and help more people. | Contributed photo

From a man discouraged with his failures, he is now a dreamer with a goal for his small business.

Through the many unexpected turns in his life, he has now found his purpose. And he is determined to keep it and nurture it for as long as he can.

The future is unpredictable, Molde said. But he is certain that whatever happens, he will tackle them all with a can-do attitude and an unwavering smile on his face.



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