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Exploring the Enhanced Customer Experiences of Visayan Electric Company’s eBillTxt Service

By: - August 29, 2023

In this era of ever-evolving technology reshaping the way we engage with essential services, Visayan Electric Company is boldly stepping forward to revolutionize its customer interaction. 

The introduction of the eBillTxt, an innovative digital platform delivering electric bills through SMS, is garnering widespread attention for its efficiency and user-friendliness. Our in-depth conversations with four individuals who have directly benefited from Visayan Electric’s eBillTxt offer valuable insights into how this cutting-edge solution has seamlessly woven into their daily lives.

Hannah Nicole Alag – Empowering Efficiency


Hannah, a committed HR Office Staff navigating a packed schedule, shares her experience with Visayan Electric’s eBillTxt, illuminating how it has streamlined the billing process. 

She emphasizes that, “Ang kani nga text service sa Visayan Electric sa among electric bill kay naka-transform sa pag-track sa among monthly nga electrical consumption. Ang kapaspas ani nga way sa pag-inform namo kay lahi ra nga experience and mas prefer ni nako compared sa printed bill.”

During the interview she shared that the convenience of accessing a PDF copy of the monthly bill with detailed cost breakdowns ensures her family can monitor electricity expenses with unmatched ease, replacing the need for frequent branch visits for bill details. And that for her, the added advantage of having a digital bill copy, accessible anytime and anywhere, enhances the practicality of the system.

Christian Sy – Organized and Informed


For Ian, a dynamic dragon boat coach, the eBillTxt is a powerful tool. In his words, “Ako tig-manage sa among budget sa balay og pinaagi aning text message feature sa Visayan Electric, nakatabang ni para maka-budget kog tarung og ma-update ko sa among mga utility expenses.”

The timely text reminders serve as a reliable prompt for him, ensuring that no bill slips under the radar. And being an advocate for community development, he also underscores the sustainability aspect of the initiative, stating that the transition to digital billing aligns to reducing paper waste and contributing to a greener environment.

Marie Leolie Ursal – Juggling Roles with Ease


“Working mom and student ko karun, so ang eBillTxt kay nakatabang namo na mahimong mindful sa due-date sa among bill. Convenient dyud and game-changer for someone nga pareha nako.”

She adds that despite her dual role in the household, sharing the convenience that she experiences with her family resonates positively, making it an all-around win.

Rhoel Talandron – Embracing Hassle-Free Management


Rhoel is a first-year medicine student and when asked about the question, “In terms of convenience, did the eBillTxt service make it easier for you to manage and track your electricity expenses?

He responded, “Kaayu! Kay bisan wala koy internet connection, maka-review kog balik sa among electricity bill tungod ani nga feature. I recommend na mu-register namo ani kay hassle-free siya og accessible tungod sa technology karun.”

As a Visayan Electric Co. consumer, he would highly recommend the eBillTxt service because he believes that its portability and accessibility are key benefits that enables a hassle free management of their electricity bill.

A Future-Oriented Customer Approach

These firsthand testimonials eloquently illustrate the diverse ways Visayan Electric’s eBillTxt is enhancing customer experiences. By embracing digital innovation, they are not only simplifying bill management but also addressing a range of customer preferences and requirements.

As we navigate the path toward a digital future, the success story of Visayan Electric’s eBillTxt stands as a testament to the transformative potential of customer-centric solutions. Through technology, utility providers like the Visayan Electric Company are forging a seamless and immersive journey that resonates with people from all walks of life.


Visayan Electric Company eBillTxt Service Provides Accessibility to All

Visayan Electric harnesses online tools to help consumers manage their monthly electric consumption

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