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Payo ni Maxene Magalona, huwag magpaapekto sa sinasabi ng ibang tao: ‘Live your life for yourself, not for others’

Maxene Magalona

Maxene Magalona

MULING nagpaalala ang Kapamilya actress at life coach na si Maxene Magalona sa madlang pipol na huwag magpadikta at magpaapekto sa mga sinasabi ng ibang tao.

Mas mahalaga raw na mabuhay ang isang tao sa kung ano sa tingin niya ang makabubuti sa kanya at kung paano mas mapapaganda ang relasyon sa sarili, sa pamilya at sa mga tunay na kaibigan.

Sa kanyang Instagram account, nag-post si Maxene ng isang litrato kalakip ang mensahe niya para sa lahat ng mga nag-aalala sa sasabihin ng ibang tao kaugnay ng gusto nating mangyari sa ating buhay.

“Here to remind you to live your life for yourself. Not for others,” simulang pahayag ni Maxene.

“We are so conditioned to worry and care about what other people think of us because we grew up seeking our elders’ approval.

“So as adults, we unconsciously do things to please others to gain their approval and feel validated.
“But only for a little while so we keep doing things we don’t even want to do and chasing people we don’t even like just for that feeling of validation. This is not sustainable,” lahad ng aktres.

Sabi pa niya, “What I’m doing to unlearn this deep conditioning is to connect to myself everyday on a soul level, work on eliminating my toxic energy and remind myself of my true worth, value and power. This requires consistency and discipline.

“I’ve learned that as long as you focus on yourself and stay in your own lane, you won’t be bothered by what other people think or say about you anymore. And as long as you keep working on yourself, life will keep working itself out.

“I’m here to live my life for God,” ang kabuuang caption ni Maxene sa kanyang IG post.

Narito ang ilan sa mga netizens na nag-iwan ng comment sa Instagram post ng Kapamilya star.

“I struggled with this, too. Now I’m on the same path of just minding my own business regardless of what other people think about me. It’s definitely not a walk in the park but feels so much lighter living that way. Thank you for your reminders. There’s so much liberation in just focusing on ourselves & our own growth. Namaste!”

“I admire your Awakened spirituality.”

“Agree. and this is what I’ve learn this year. Thank you for sharing and reminding us.”

“Such a great perspective! Life can be challenging at times but with the right mindset and attitude, we can learn to navigate it like a game. It’s about understanding the rules and playing to win. Keep this perspective and you’ll be unstoppable.”


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