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Cebu City vet says pet’s behavior is the mirror of its owner’s treatment

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CEBU CITY, Philippines— A dog’s behavior is most of the time a reflection of how they are being treated by their owners.

This is what Dr. Jessica Maribojoc, head of the Cebu City Department of Veterinary Medicine and Fisheries said following a recent incident in Talisay City, Cebu, where a man was found dead, allegedly because he was attacked by his own dogs.

It was not established though if the dogs were the cause of his death.

In an interview with CDN Digital, Maribojoc said that dogs attack for a number of reasons.

One could be because of the way the pet was treated.

“Ang behavior sa dog nga ipakita niya sa iyahang owner, mo reflect na kung unsa siya pag da sa owner. Mao nang nangutana ko if gi higtan ba na? Naka cage ba na? Or gi buhi-an?” said Maribojoc.

(The behavior of the dog reflects how the owner treats the dog. That’s why I am asking whether the dog was tied? Was it caged? Or was it just free to roam?)

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She said that if dogs are not used to roaming free or do not have enough attention from the owner, or worse if they are provoked, there’s really a big tendency that dogs will attack.

With this, Maribojoc said that if one owns a dog, the owner should know its behavior and how they can show their bond with the pet.

Maribojoc also said that the dog’s breed is a factor to consider.

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Police in Talisay said that they suspect that the man who was killed was attacked by his dogs, particularly his Doberman, who has a history of being violent.

But generally, she said it all boils down to how the owner treats his or her pet dogs. However it is rare that a dog will attack his fur parent.


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