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Excuses we hear from non-committal people

- October 02, 2023



CEBU CITY, Philippines– Emotions can be complicated and confusing. For some, the desire for companionship is strong, yet an overpowering fear of commitment stands in their way.

That’s where excuses get in the picture. The mixed signals flare up, telling us to wait or ditch.

These individuals often find themselves making excuses that seem contradictory to their true desires.

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Let’s explore some common excuses we hear from people who are scared to be in a relationship but secretly yearn for one.

‘I’m too focused on my career right now’

Career ambitions are undoubtedly important, but sometimes, this excuse is a convenient shield against vulnerability. People use their professional life as an excuse to avoid the emotional risks that come with relationships.

‘I’m not ready for something serious’

This classic excuse is often a cover for the fear of getting hurt. It’s a way of maintaining emotional distance while still longing for the intimacy and companionship a serious relationship can provide.

‘I’ve been hurt in the past’

Past heartbreaks can leave emotional scars, and some people use these experiences as an excuse to guard their hearts. They want love but are hesitant to trust again.

‘I need to work on myself first’

Self-improvement is essential, but sometimes, this excuse is a way to postpone facing the vulnerability that comes with opening up to someone else. They hope to become ‘perfect’ before allowing someone into their life.

‘I’m not looking for anything specific right now’

This vague statement often conceals the longing for a meaningful connection. It’s a way of avoiding the uncertainty and potential disappointments that come with dating and relationships.

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Recognizing that these excuses are often rooted in genuine fears and insecurities is important.

Have you heard these excuses too?



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