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Francis M’s ‘secret’ daughter Gaile Francesca wants to establish own identity

Gaile Francesca Rait.

Gaile Francesca Rait. Images: Screengrab from YouTube/Julius Babao UNPLUGGED, YouTube/Boss Toyo Production

Gaile Francesca, the alleged love child of the Master Rapper Francis Magalona with former flight attendant Abegail Rait, said that she wants to establish a career for herself away from her late father.

During an interview with broadcast journalist Julius Babao and uploaded on his YouTube channel last Saturday, Oct. 21, Francesca admitted that she “really wants to be an artist,” but hopes to not just be known as the alleged daughter of Magalona.

The 15-year-old stunner from Cavite took on the name of both her parents, but appeared to not have taken the surname of her father.

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“Wala pa [akong offers to be a host or to be part of movies]. Ayokong makilala po ako dahil sa father ko (There are no offers to be a host or to be part of movies yet. I don’t want to be known because of my father),” she said, referring to Magalona, who during the height of his career was a popular actor, VJ, TV host, and a music icon.

“I want to start my own image. He’s the King of Rap so maybe soon, I will release my own single,” said Francesca.

She said the backlash surrounding her mother’s unexpected revelation “doesn’t affect [her] at all” because she “knows the story,” while noting she’s “okay” even if Magalona is no longer present.

“It doesn’t affect me at all. I don’t get affected kasi I know the story. And so, the [comments on social media] don’t matter. I’m okay without a father,” she said in response to Babao’s question on whether she gets affected by the comments on social media.

“I just think about him sometimes na paano kaya kung nandito pa po siya (what if he’s still here). But I’m okay. Based on the stories, I can tell that he really cared for me and for us,” she continued.

Image: Screengrab from Facebook/Abegail Rait

Image: Screengrab from Facebook/Abegail Rait

Francesca also shared that she and her mother visited Magalona’s grave in Marikina, after their appearance at Jayson Luzadas’s “Pinoy Pawnstars” shop. She admitted that this is her “first time” visiting Magalona’s grave again after quite some time.

“That was my first time ulit na mapuntahan siya sa grave niya. Noong last time, I was just a baby. I spent time with him and ‘yung anak po ni Ate Saab [Magalona]. I lit them some candles and put flowers. Parang ‘yung emotions ko po, ‘Finally. Nakita na po kita kahit hindi ka here. Napuntahan na kita (That was the first time I visited his grave again. The last time, I was just a baby. I spent time with him and the child of Ate Saab Magalona. I lit them some candles and put flowers. My feeling at the time was like, ‘Finally. I saw you even if you’re not here. I was able to visit you.’),” she said, referring to Magalona’s other daughter Saab, who lost a daughter to a miscarriage.

She then said that while she knew Magalona from the stories of her mother and relatives, she opted to not disclose any details out of respect for the parties involved. She also said that she’s full of emotions whenever she has the chance to talk about the late rapper.

“Noong bata pa po ako, kinekwento po sa’kin ng mga tita, lolo, lola ko kasi hindi ko siya nakita. They tell a lot of stories, marami po, but I can’t say,” she said. “I always remember him. I pray and talk to him, ‘yung puso ko parang, hindi ko ma-explain. Basta kine-kwentuhan ko po siya.”

(When I was still young, my aunt, lolo, and lola would tell me stories about him. They tell a lot of stories but I can’t say. I always remember him. I talk to and pray for him. I feel like my heart bursts, I can’t explain it. But I talk to him.)

Not for ‘self-gain, publicity’

Screenwriter Mon Roco, who was introduced as Francesca’s manager during the interview, revealed that the initial plan was to establish the 15-year-old’s career as an artist before revealing her blood relations with Magalona.

“Ang plano talaga namin, hindi muna magpapakilala. Ito ang totoo. Gusto kong [i-end] ‘yung [accusations] that they’re using Francis M for self-gain or publicity or use him as a stepping stone,” he said, while noting that their revelation was deliberated behind the scenes. He, however, didn’t reveal the identities of the people they consulted with.

(The plan is to not introduce themselves as yet. This is the truth. I want to end the accusations that they’re using Francis M for self-gain, publicity, or a stepping stone.)

“Nagde-debate kami diyan, pati ‘yung mga kino-consult naming tao. Napagkasunduan na ilabas muna natin [si Gaile Francesca] on her own, and then later on, sasabihin na anak siya. That was really the plan. But I’m sorry to those whom I consulted that it turned out this way,” he added.

(We debated about it, even with the people we consulted. We thought of launching Gaile Francesca on her own, and then later on, we’ll reveal that she’s [Magalona’s] daughter. That was really the plan. But I’m sorry to those whom I consulted that it turned out this way.)

Abegail, who was also present during the interview, said there were “no regrets” in revealing her supposed relationship with Magalona.

While agreeing with her remark, Roco said they were planning to reveal Gaile Francesca’s identity to the public eventually, but it happened at an earlier date.

“The intention was to launch her first and make it on her own, bago i-admit na anak siya ni Francis M. Napaaga lang (before admitting that she’s the daughter of Francis M. It was just revealed early),” he said.


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