Meet the 5 types of first-time voters in the Philippines

first-time voters

CEBU CITY, Philippines– The Philippines is no stranger to passionate politics and vibrant elections. From registration to knowing the candidates, there’s always something about our country’s election that makes it a unique one.

In this article, let’s talk about first-time voters.

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As first-time voters prepare to cast their ballots, let’s take a playful tour through the different types you’re likely to encounter at the polling stations.

The patriots

These first-time voters are the ones who are difficult to miss. They’ve got the Philippine flag accessories, they live and breathe democracy and can’t wait to make their mark on the country’s future.

The social media trendsetter

 Armed with a smartphone, this first-time voter is all about documenting their historic moment. Every step of the voting process is an opportunity for an Instagram story or a TikTok dance challenge. Hey, if it gets more young people to vote, who’s complaining?

The family tradition follower

In their family, voting is an unbreakable tradition. They’ve heard countless stories of how their grandparents and parents endured long queues and braved the elements to vote. They carry on this legacy with pride and a sense of duty.

The issue advocate

This type of first-time voter knows every policy proposal, every candidate’s stance, and every political jargon there is. They might be a member of a political youth group, and they’re passionate about seeing real change happen. You’ll likely find them handing out flyers and engaging in intense political debates near the polling place.

The lost wanderer

They often find themselves looking at the list of candidates for a long time. In the end, they might choose based on a candidate’s name that sounds good or simply eeny-meeny-miny-mo.

No matter what type of first-time voter you are or encounter, the important thing is that you’re part of a vibrant democratic process.

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In the Philippines, voting is not just a right; it’s a celebration of freedom and a step towards a brighter future. So, first-time voters, step into the spotlight, make your voice heard, and be part of the Pinoy power at the polls!


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