8 things Cebuanos usually do during Kalag-Kalag


CEBU CITY, Philippines— Kalag-Kalag, also known as All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day, is a  deeply rooted cultural and religious celebration in Cebu and in the entire Philippines.

During this time, Cebuanos get into fun and traditional activities to honor and remember their departed loved ones.

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Here are some of the things they do during Kalag-Kalag:

Visiting the Cemetery

Families gather at cemeteries to visit the graves of their departed relatives. They clean and decorate the graves with candles, flowers, and sometimes colorful paper ornaments.

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Lighting Candles

Lighting candles is a common practice to guide the spirits of the deceased. Candles are often placed inside glass containers or lanterns for safety.

Offering Prayers

Families say prayers and offer novenas for the souls of the departed. This includes the recitation of the Rosary and other prayers for the dead.

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Bringing Food

It’s customary to bring food and share a meal at the gravesite. This may include the deceased’s favorite dishes as a way to remember and honor them.

Playing Music

Some families play music or sing songs at the graves of their loved ones. This can create a festive and celebratory atmosphere.

Lighting Incense

The scent of incense is believed to purify and protect the living and the spirits of the dead. It’s often used in the cemetery during this time.

Offering Flowers

Marigolds and chrysanthemums are popular flowers to offer at graves because they are associated with death and remembrance.

Creating Altars at Home

Many families set up altars in their homes with images of deceased relatives, candles, and other religious items. These altars are dedicated to the deceased.

Kalag-Kalag is a time for Cebuanos to remember and celebrate the lives of their departed loved ones while reinforcing their cultural and religious bonds. It’s a unique blend of spiritual and festive traditions that make it a special occasion in Cebu and the Philippines as a whole.

What are your favorite Kalag-Kalag memories?



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