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Halloween: Assorted Instruments to test your ‘ghost-hunter’ abilities

By: - October 21, 2023

CONSOLACION, Cebu – With Halloween season drawing near, it’s expected that aficionados of the supernatural are starting to thaw out from their icy slumber.

Although they may be as cold as ice, tales of the “other side” are slowly gaining momentum and taking the top spot on storyboards worldwide during this season.

For some of our fellow Cebuanos who are deeply intrigued by the supernatural, there may come moments when your curiosity takes over, leading you to explore where and how to begin your adventure in ghost-hunting.

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Fear not! This Halloween season, CDN Digital will guide you into the realm of the paranormal. We’ll acquaint you with the most commonly used tools for your “ghost-hunting” adventure.


To capture images and videos of the site you’re visiting. “Full Spectrum” camera is the best ghost hunting camera on the market. It doesn’t have IR (infrared) or UV filters, making it a great selection for anyone hoping to capture entities and spirits. It shoots in 4K ultra high definition and exposure booking technology, perfect for filming in low lighting conditions.

The Full Spectrum camera is currently priced at around ₱8,000 pesos via online stores nationwide. 

Dowsing Rods, Ouija Boards, and Sprit Box


George Casely uses a hazel twig to find water on the land around his Devon farm. According to the original caption “Casely has the power of divining and has sunk a well in several of his pastures”.

According to Kari Paul, a writer from the Vice News, the spirit box is an ITC device, short for Instrumental Transcommunication, which is said to work by sweeping through AM or FM radio to pick up messages from “beyond.”

On the other hand, dowsing rods and ouija boards are some manual ways in communicating with the dead. The rods are believed to move in response to the energy or presence of spirits, providing yes-or-no answers through indicating directions of the rods, while on using Ouija Boards, participants place their hands on the planchette and ask questions, believing that spirits or entities will guide the planchette to spell out answers or messages.

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Using dowsing rods and Ouija boards stirs up controversy, as skeptics label them as pseudoscientific tools. Despite extensive scientific scrutiny, their power to connect with the departed remains unverified. The experiences of individuals that have tried these methods are frequently swayed by their beliefs and suggestibility, adding to the enigmatic nature of these practices.

EXTREME CAUTION must be observed while performing communication through these instruments. We all have seen movies and documentaries that have used these instruments improperly, for example, not properly saying goodbye right every after session. We must always continue being respectful towards every action we do in pursuit of the unknown.

Dowsing Rods, the copper ones, are currently being sold online at ₱1,999.00, While the Sprit Box, which is the newest and most updated tool in communicating, ranges from ₱200 pesos to ₱8,000 on local online stores.

EMF Detector/ EMF Recorder


An EMF Detector/ EMF Meter. An EMF meter is a scientific instrument for measuring electromagnetic fields.

An EMF detector, or EMF meter, reads electric and magnetic fields. Electromagnetic fields are combinations of magnetic fields and electric fields. These invisible fields are surrounding us everywhere, and their sources can be both natural and man-made. It is said that it is a byproduct of the consumed energy that ghosts need to manifest themselves. And, according to Barbara Leolini, writer from the Times Magazine, It is so highly sensitive that it will detect the presence of body parts. A perfect tool for someone who is trying to catch those lurking in the shadows!

Spine-tingling, isn’t it?

Lucky for our interested Cebuano readers, EMF Recorders can be downloaded online, although most of them can be downloaded as free, majority of the most reviewed EMF apps are being sold, and is stuck on a range set price of  ₱49-₱299. 


Even though it is most safe to start your initial ghost hunting activities during the daytime, I do understand the thrill in doing activities like ghost-hunting during night time. With that, you must carry yourself a formidable source of light that will surely help you to capture the thing you’re most excited to witness.

But first:

– Ensure you have a main light source, and make sure it’s in the form of a headlamp attached to your person to avoid misplacement during movement.

– have a second source of light, handheld flashlights are all right.

– make sure your flashlights are fully charged. for flashlights that require batteries, make sure you bring some extra pairs.

Infrared Temperature Guns

As per Barbara Leolini, IR (infrared) thermometers detect the unseen infrared energy that objects naturally emit. Infrared radiation is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, alongside radio waves, microwaves, visible light, ultraviolet, gamma rays, and X-rays. Any object warmer than absolute zero emits energy within this spectrum. If something that can’t be seen by the naked eye interferes with the IR heat signal, it can result in a lower temperature reading.

Pen and Notebook

– During your journey into the unknown, make sure to document the happenings or the progress you’ve made while doing your ghost-hunting. We never know if they will be useful in the future days to come.

HD Sound Recorder


People often hear strange sounds, like voices, that are hard to notice. That’s why many investigators use voice recorders to capture these eerie sounds.

Sound Recorders with HD calibers range around prices of ₱2000-₱4000, and are available to purchase via physical shops and online stores nationwide.

Dear Ka-siloys, as you dive into the world of the supernatural, keep in mind that it’s filled with mysteries. Always be a bit skeptical, as there’s no solid scientific proof for paranormal happenings, and some experiences might have natural explanations or be influenced by what you expect.

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Respect the places you explore and the spirits you try to connect with. Treat the unknown with care and ask for permission when going into private areas. It’s easy to cross the line between curiosity and intrusion, so be mindful and ethical.

In the end, chasing the paranormal can be thrilling, but balance your excitement with respect, skepticism, and a good grip on reality. Stay safe, stay curious, and who knows—maybe you’ll uncover some ghostly secrets on your journey.


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