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Kalag-Kalag: Besides visiting cemeteries, here are some things people look forward to during Undas

An elderly woman can be seen paying homage and maybe a silent prayer to her departed loved inside the Carreta Cemetery in Cebu City, on Wednesday, November 1. | CDN File photo by Niña Mae Oliverio, Pia Piquero

CEBU CITY, Philippines — Kalag-Kalag or All Saints’ Day and All Souls Day are usually celebrated by visiting the cemeteries. Most people use this occasion to visit their departed loved ones.

However, some people look forward to this event for various reasons, and most of them are intimate.

Family gathering

To Rheyven Borbajo, 23, from Danao City, spending time with his family is what he is looking forward to during Kalag-Kalag.

“Fam[ily] gathering nalang pud sa mga cousin nakos’ Cebu [City] ba kay [pa]nagsa ra baya mi pud maka bisita adtos’ Cebu [City] kay lagi mo byahe pa ba busy napod. Makamingaw pud baya ang bonding sa mga ig-agaw,” Borbajo said.

He added that at least for once in a while he could spend time with his cousins and other relatives.

Kalag-Kalag Kakanin

Meanwhile, for John Noah Mapa, 23, what he is also excited about is the ‘budbud’ in Cebu.

“Wala jud na sa Dubai [nga lasa, though] naa tuod pero way lami di pareha dire [sa Cebu] nga lami kaayo gikan haon ba,” Mapa said.

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He added that besides lighting candles for his departed loved ones, eating ‘budbud’ is what he is excited about in celebrating Kalag-Kalag.

“Way joke jud,” he said.

Mapa has been in Dubai since February 2023 and went home to his hometown in Minglanilla, Cebu in August this year to have a short vacation.

Other Kalag-Kalag reflections

However, for Engr. Evanmar Pinoliad, 28, from Dauis, Bohol, Kalag-Kalag serves as a profound reminder of the importance of life.

“With our loved ones gone, it reminds us to live and enjoy life while we still have the chance,” Pinoliad said.

Pinoliad mentioned that there is nothing more important than spending more time with your family and friends while they are still alive.

And for Jay-ar Sasing, 23, also from Danao City, the thing that he looks forward to during Kalag-Kalag is to visit the church.

“Akong gina look forward sa kalag-kalag is mo adto ko simbahan kay dili raman gud pud na para ra sa mga souls, para man pud na sa mga saints pud mao tong usa pud na ang pag adto sa simbahan ug managkot ako gina look forward,” Sasing said.


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